MaRsFiRE (marsfire) wrote,

big day!

Today Chris came over all day. Before he came I finished cleaning up my place and then when we got here I ate and we talked and then we went for a 4 hour walk to the university, woods and then back up to the mall to eat. Then we came back here and watched an aosth episode and talked mostly, played videogames etc...

Yesterday I went on a big walk with Justin after hanging around here for a while after the interview. We went when it was turning evening so it was cooler. It was still very hot though. We saw the waterfall we took frozen pics of in the winter, except now that it was really a waterfall :D. After that we climbed the hill and explored up there and found some old crumbling walls and an old tower and stuff! It was a neat excursion. On the way back we saw a snapping turtle on the road and so we stopped and Justin lead it off the road but it was very aggressive and kept trying to jump up and bite heh. Justin threw his hat at it a bunch of times so it would lung forward and attack. This was necessary because it wouldn't let us pick it up and it was in the middle of the road! Plus his hat is a very soft hat so he just got nervous about the movement!

Tomorrow I have appointment for car and I go home to parents/sister's place :D! YAY! I get to visit sister! We will go together to grandparent's place either on sunday or monday so it should be lots of fun!
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