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I got back maybe an hour ago from a spiffy day! I woke up from Justin phoning me this morning so we could go on an adventure. I was looking forward to it but I was very tired cause I had had a bad sleep. The reason I had had a bad sleep was because so many big bugs kept waking me up :\! Well, 2... They kept flying around and hitting the ceiling and generally BUGging me hehehh. It took me forever to catch them and kick them out! Then just after 6 in the morning those damn new neighbours were being nosy again laughing and saying "woooo hahah" type stuff... >:| I got angry and hit the wall hard 3 times with my fist and luckily that shut them up, but I was so annoyed it took me a few minutes to calm down. Finally at 9:30 in the morning I was woken up again by an automated Bell call for this new One Bill thing... Jesus, you already sent me stuff in the mail, don't phone me too >:|!

Anyway, when I finally got up and went to Justin's place we drove to go river walking!! We parked my car at the side of a road and walked a bit and climbed down a steep hillside by the road to a forest path that lead to a bridge over the river. We crossed the bridge and climbed down by the falls there to the part of the river at the bottom of the falls (seems kind of obvious eh?) and we went into the river and walked down it. Yesterday we had got cheap shorts from value village, and we were both wearing old shoes and hats to keep sun away from eyes. Justin was also wearing sunglasses. The river here was not very strong and not very deep (not even up to our knees) except one pool near the beginning which went maybe up to my bellybutton heh. It was also very rocky at this part, and for most of the stretch we walked. On the way down we saw 2 huge spiders!!!! If you think of those Tamagotchi or whatever eggs, that's about the size they were. And it wasn't just a tiny body with long skinny legs, the bum part itself of the one spider was about as big as a pistachio nut (as Justin described it heh) and that was only the bum part! there there was still a little head and fat legs... We also saw little crayfish and minnows and stuff like that. Justin kept turning over rocks and kept calling me over and showing me stuff while I was splashing around in a deeper part. Sometimes the water got a bit deeper and it felt nice in the heat. Eventually, we ran into a guy who was fishing. At this point we had to get out of the river and climb through the trees on the side. The natural surroundings throughout the journey were really nice looking, but it was a bit spiky to get through these bushes with just shorts on. I am too used to pants! We made it around the fishing guy, and went back into the river. It started getting sandy there, and we stayed in one area and skipped rocks! After that we got to a quicksandy muddy area heheh, and we ended up having to climb out of the river there as well and go along the side, because the river was blocked offl. We climbed over the blockage and, after unsanding ourselves in the water, we went to where the water was rushing in through a tunnel of rocks. We each took a turn holding on to the top of the rock tunnel and letting the strong water push us. Justin was holding my arm so that if I lost grip I would possibly not be swept away. We then went into a really deep pool there and went acccck at the cold water and swam a bit. After this part, the water got rougher, and we clambered around, slipping a bit sometimes and scratching against rocks a bit. One time I was almost down some rocks and Justin held out his hand to help me and I said "it's ok I'm fi...EENNN! and i slipped and ended up grabbing him. Hehehh... That made me feel like such a girl hehe. But we both slipped a bunch of times anyway because it was hard not to. The rocks were very unexpected and caverns between them unexpected and the water was pushing us, and the rocks were slippery! Heh! Then we made it to a place where there was a mini water fall on one side of the river, and the other side rushed down more gradually. We climbed down that second side, and then we went back towards the waterfall. The water was SO strong there. Justin told me to try to swim towards it and I was staying in one spot, so then I went "RAH!" and tried really hard and made it forward only to slam my knee into a huge rock that wasn't visible hehe... That hurt, I let myself go back and sat on another rock for a bit hehe, but I was laughing. Then we both swam up to the rock and sat on it facing away from the waterfall (which was difficult to do! It was hard enough to get there in the first place, and the water kept trying to steal my pants off hehe). Once sitting on the rock the water felt strong, but nice, and we didn't need to really struggle as much anymore. We leened backwards and let the water hit us and it was so nice <:D! We left soon and continued down the rougher part of the river, and then it calmed down and there was another short waterfall the went across the whole river. We climbed down beside the river and I swam behind the waterfall. It was neat because there was an air space there! After a bit further down the river we finally made it to where we were going to go out again (at a the road running over the river) and we walked for a while drying off our clothes as we did. So that was the adventure! Since then we ate subway food and picked up my package from Dunkelweg Productions in Brazil, and we came back here. I had a shower and disinfected my wound and started typing this while Justin had a nap (or IS HAVING! I should wake him up now). I am wearing a wolf t-shirt I got from value village for I think $2 hehe... It's neat :D. Soon I will practice with Justin playing drums and me showing him what's going on in the guitar part so he can record his song soon. I mentioned something about that in the last entry I think.
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