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Well, I am listening to the tapes I got from Dunkelweg, they haven't been bad so far. I really like the Vinterriket - Gjennom Takete Skogen Rerelease I got, I am currently listening to it. Other than that I have listened to Thallium - A Howling from Thousand Years and some of the Holmgang - I Vinterens Favn tape. I like the Holmgang as well, the Thallium one was ok when I listened, I have to listen again to make a better opinion. That booklet of theirs is just funny because it's from Brazil and there are all these wolves on the cover... And the wolves are stretched weird so they all look squished hehehe. Then it goes on about stuff like that the paganfront is great and helps educate the Europeans... Hahahaha, yah right! They don't talk to anyone who doesn't already 100% agree with them, how is that educating? They are doing far from that, it's just a way for them to look eviller but also more realistic than a satanic band which nobody would take seriously. This whole NS stuff is kind of funny, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying the music. I mean, music is about music, not the ideals behind it.

Anyway, I forgot to say that yesterday on the way to the river we saw a dead possum and pulled over and had a look at it. It was very cute! I had never seen one before I don't think.

Also, the day before yesterday after going to value village I forgot to mention that Justin cooked me a huge potatoey feast! Now I know how to make a potatoey feast, even though potatoes aren't really my favourite thing. Justin made them be yummy though, but you just can't make potatoes as yummy as other stuff. Now I have a new meal I can make. I am in need of those, man.

OK, now to listen to some more tapes...
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"Holmgang" sounds like some brand of mayonnaise or something. And hey, what if *I* took a Satanic band seriously!? *growl sacrifice bloodspray dark occult madness barbecued chicken wings*

Dirty ballooning slovos and stiff rods!

Heheh, it doesn't sound like mayonnaise to me, gang in German means hallway or way or something like that *gets dictionary* errand course passage corridor... ok yah you get the idea... so that doesn't remind me of mayonnaise! Holmgang is from Denmark, I think...

Ok, if you take a satanic band seriously you'll also have to take a christian band seriously!!! :O