MaRsFiRE (marsfire) wrote,


So here are my plans for the day:

Finish eating/drinking
Head out for a walk
Get groceries on the way back
Burn CD-Rs I am sending off tomorrow + clean up while I wait for them to finish
After that I guess I will try to work on music, but I can just see that I will end up going straight to videogames

Ohhhhh well! If I saw how little I would be doing now back when I was in IB I think I would have thrown up hehehe... How can I be so lazy now that I can't even make myself work on music? I ought to practice guitar more often too, I am not getting better, but I guess I am not getting worse either... I just find it annoying that it seems so simple to be able to play certain things and then I try it and I can't get my hands to do it properly... Stupid hands!!!!!! Well, I guess if I started piano from scratch now it would be frusterating too, it comes naturally now, and I felt by the way I was playing guitar the other day that maybe it could become that way too. It's weird that I always think it's too late now, as if I am too old to start with something like that... In reality my life is just beginning (unless an early death attacks me) so how can I be so silly? I expect too much of myself too fast all the time, I can't give this time somehow. I practice and then think "gee, I am no better than I was x days ago" and I get discouraged... Well that's normal! What the pete, I should realize that by now. It's obvious that I have made some progress since I first started, now it feels more natural to sit and play it, before I felt like my hands were in such odd positions hehe... And I haven't practiced much, I have to get myself to not give up on things, giving up is worse than never getting anywhere by trying...
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