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9 hours until departure! [11 Aug 2003|02:03pm]
I am ready! Almost!

I am leaving, it seems weird that I am really going this time.

Nobody rob my place, ok? Ok, you don't know where I live anyway (except sister!) so I don't need to worry. Plus there are always people around and they would kind of notice hehe...

Uh, I wanted to say bye and some other stuff but I forgot now. I won't write again until sometime in september. I hope myself will write again then. I bet I will be reluctant because I won't want to write up 4 weeks worth of stuff, but don't be discouraged, self!
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racckkk [10 Aug 2003|11:55am]
My computer is becoming quite screwy... 1 year without restoring = bad! But I have so much important stuff, and I can't just move it over the network like I used to... It will take a while to do this and tomorrow I am leaving on my trip.

Anyway, I went for a walk at the place I had been with Justin the day before. It was quite a neat place! I didn't know there were that mnay paths there. I had a fun time. And yesterday I went to that Scottish Festival which was cool too. We bought Haggis, but I didn't like it that much (it has some livery taste in it I concluded that that was why I didn't like it heh) but Justin liked it a lot. I wonder if he has meat withdrawl? I don't know if I could be a vegetarian hehh... We also saw the highland dancing this year, and also this thing where they throw this sack over a pole with their back to it and they throw it by holding it with a pitchfork or something like it. We didn't find the neat guy from last year that told stories though :( and we didn't see as many cool weapons as last year. Well, I mean we saw as many probably, but they were mostly just the usual stuff you can find on ebay too, you know? We saw these neat things that sprayed smoke out over water... Hard to explain, they were mini figures with dragons on them often and stuff like that... It looked really cool at any rate. Yah and we saw lots of other stuff too. We went with Stuart and one of his friends, who also came with us to Wonderland back in June. At first we got to listen to my Azaghal/Mustan Kuun Lapset CD in the car, but then we had to listen to Placebo x_x, sometimes I don't get annoyed listening to placebo, but this particular CD was especially gay! YES GAY! I am not homophobic, I am not afraid of gay people, I just personally am not gay and therefore do not enjoy gay music! Heheh... This whole homophobic crap is as stupid as the racist stuff. Look, when people are different, to state that you prefer one quality over the other is not negative it's just being honest instead of irrational. I like nice straight sounding male vocals! Big deal man! Arrgahhh! These songs were like easy listening songs. I described it as "I am so bored, in the summertime" and said/sang that in the guy's voice. Haha, I can just hear that being a placebo song now...

I can't believe the amount of people who are brainwashed by this tolerance.org junk... Ok, now I'm talking like one of these conspiracy people... But people have to learn to think about things more rationally and give real reasons for things not just "it's not faaaaaair, I like this person why can't you like them tooooooo!! I bet it's because he/she's _____" .........

When I am judging an individual person I don't care what they do in their spare time or how they were born, all I care about is their personality/way of thinking etc... These two things can be stereotypically connected though and that is why I might prefer some people over others! Jesus! It's one thing to go out killing people of a certain group and another to just not like a group on average as much. I must have said this a million times... I guess I just feel angry inside because I feel like intelligent people are being pulled into the irrational land of tolerance.org. It's never good to say a viewpoint is bad, I see everyday how because NSism is not allowed in so many countries that so many idiots spring up and rebel against that. I think they have little clue why they want to do it other than that they aren't allowed to. Many of these idiots are stupid, but a fair portion of them are intelligent people who just don't know what they are doing. I mean, if you want to feel like you have control to punish people who believe certain things then maybe they are doing the right thing, but if they actually want to put an end to this crap then this is not the right approach. And if I go to tolerance.org and say I am white and prefer white people over black people on average then I am a racist... Ok, this already makes the whole issue very black and white, so if I am already on the bad side, I am more likely to get pulled over to the true racist side, do you see what I mean?

I have no idea where this came from just now. If I want to say "this is gay" and it hurts some gay person's feelings then they are insecure. If someone said to me "this is so girlish" or "this is so german" then it's my fault if I get insecure about it. Big deal! Words can only help make people stronger, it's like a virus and then you become immune to it. People are so whiny, they don't get that being "free" and everyone having to like other people is a contradiction.

On a sidetopic speaking of this kind of stuff, little kids wonder if they are gay already... For pete's sake, the idea that someone could be "gay" is a very new concept. When I was growing up I didn't know what gay was and I didn't worry about this type of stuff. It shouldn't be something a person "is" anyway, it's just something they enjoy. They make their whole life revolve around some pleasure aspect. So I am straight, I shouldn't make my whole life revolve around what I do sexually. This whole "lifestyle" thing is just as dumb with gay people as with anything else. If someone says they are living the black metal lifestyle for example I think that is just as dumb. Basically that makes 1 aspect of oneself be the dominating important aspect and everything else goes down the drain. It basically leaves you with only one quality. So if a gay person does nothing except go on about being gay and living the gay lifestyle how can I not find them stupid? I would find it just as stupid with anything I like, like the example I gave with black metal. If someone is gay it shouldn't make a diff to me if they have other good qualities, but if that is their only quality I don't see what there is that I can like about them. Some people just get so into stuff that the only thing you know about them is just that and the only aspect of themselves that they know is that too. People should stop worrying about such dumb things like "am I gay???? I want to be accepted TOOOO!" and just get on with more important things. If people stopped worrying and stopped focusing on the negative and just acted like they normally would if they didn't know that there could be a problem at least some people would accept them. Instead people bond over insecurities... There are always wackos who want to kill whatever type of people, but in general, people are not like that here. Jesus, for years people have been telling me I am intolerant and terrible and now I have to tell people to realize that a few people with negative intentions doesn't make up the whole.

Uhhh anyway so today and tomorrow are the last days to get ready before the trip. I had better get cracking.
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Good day to you partner, I'm Gheed! [08 Aug 2003|12:53pm]
Hello, no I have not given up on LJ yet again. I have been away for a little bit and then been doing stuff.

You see, on Monday I leave for my MEGA TRIP to the east coast. I think we have most stuff prepared... I hope we have most stuff prepared...

I have left out a lot of stuff I have done lately because I have not been writing! I will fill you in! (I wonder how this will go after the trip)

Ok so this trip I was talking about in the last entry was when we went to Tobemory!!!! We stopped on the way a few times briefly, just to pee and stuff, except when we stopped in Wiarton! I got to see Wiarton Willie the groundhog :D! He was so cute. Justin took a pick of me next to the stone statue of him, but I got to see the actual groundhog toooooooooo! We also went into some stores there and walked around.

Then we went to the edge of Georgian Bay and people were swimming in it and it was very cool, that wasn't right in Tobemory it was right by it I guess...

In Tobemory itself we ran around and took pics, I found an old wrecked ship and took a pic of it! We went to the spiffy sweet shop there (that is advertised several times on the way there) and I found out Justin had never had Jelly Bellys before, so I bought us some. We also went into the art gallery there and some stores.

After that we went to find some other place Justin had been before, but we didn't find it and ended up going to a different place. This other place was very nice though, it had a very rocky beach and then forested/rocky area behind that. We took tons of pictures! We found a cave and there are some pics of me in it, heh. We climbed around and saw some of those flower pot things :)!

At the end of all that we went to Lake Huron and watched the sun set there. We took some nice pictures over there too and we found a ton of neat things on the ground that we examined. I think during the whole trip Justin found 2 snake skins.

After this we had a long drive home :) and it was very cozy in the car together. When we finally got back it was nearly 1am hehehe, and we had left at 9:23 in the morning, according to my watch. I came into Justin's house for a minute to check if a package arrived, but it hadn't. I was worried, because the package contained a birthday present I had for Nina!

The next day I woke up and packed and went over to Justin's house just as his mom was leaving. The package had arrived so I was very happy! I also gave Justin's mom the keys to my place so Justin could go over while I was gone.

Then I drove home, listening to a CDRW of mp3s I had burned before leaving, but when I got there my dad and sister were about to leave! So then me and my mom went and bought Nina some prezzies and went back. We swam and played games while I was at home and it was fun.

On thursday though, it was Nina's birthday! My mom got her a special wooden book she can hide stuff in, and I got her a little wooden box with a handle for carrying that had a clock on it. Inside I stuck a letter and put in a butterfly my grandmother had sent me that you can wind up and then will flutter out of the letter! My sister was surprised and then found that the letter was a clue to a treasure hunt! I think the treasure hunt might have been a bit annoying for her, but I had fun hehehe *is mean* watching her find the clues and then finding the prezzie of the CD I got in the package.

Then Nina went to rent movies and her friends started coming and I had a pretty boring day. The fun part after that was playing pick-it with my parents and eating lunch hehe. Then I started getting REALLY bored and went swimming later.

Also while there I had Richard message me for some reason. It really seemed like he just wanted to say "hey, your music sucks, I listened and one day I am going to do way better than you" haha... He will never make any music, I seriously doubt he will. At any rate, this didn't bother me at all, and we had a fairly negative conversation. I have him blocked on the icq here, and on msn too but the blocks on icq are stored on your harddrive so he wasn't blocked on the icq at my parents' place. I didn't bother doing it because I just hadn't thought of it at all, after a year of not talking I rarely think about him, and would not have expected him to message me.

The next day we were off to my grandparents' place and, after having to vacuum upstairs, I went ahead of the others in Mushroom! I got stuck in a big traffic jam and didn't get there until 4pm. I played some games with Oma, but the beasts didn't end up getting there until half past 7 I think. My grandparents were already starving at this point. We ate dinner!

Nina and I played paper people a bunch the next few days, we started some new stuff as they were trying to reform their town. A lot of babies turned into toddlers and it meant a lot of drawing and cutting out! O_O I hate cutting out...

On the 2nd of August though, the saturday, we had a bunch of visitors come for the annual BBQ. The kids my sister babysits came and we spent most of the day with them. It was fun but somewhat exhausting. The little guy always changed his mind about what he wanted to do, and we started playing a Harry Potter board game together and he got bored of it after a few turns hehehe, so we had to finish without him. I gave them a tour of the house and we watched some of the first pirate movie (again, the younger guy requested it and got bored) and we went for walks and to the island. We also tried to catch some frogs, and both the dad of the boys and the younger boy ended up getting stung by wasps because there was a nest right by where the frogs were. We also played with playmobile, the older boy made a huge army of monkeys and stuff :), I had the ghosts and the possessed baby! It was fun, the house kept getting destroyed and rebuilt hehe, playing with boys is cool. We also drew some stuff, and the younger boy got upset when he had to leave and then decided he was upset because he didn't like his drawing (meanwhile a few minutes earlier he was talking about how well he could draw and pointed it out on his drawing). The parents seemed slightly worried when I let the older boy go on the boat by himself, but for petes sake... The pond is so shallow and he's 12 years old... They also constantly told them what not to do with the fire and stuff, I mean sure they don't want their kids to get burned but, they even told them to stop blowing at the fire when it had already succeeded at making the fire bigger... I don't really understand the point of that. Their dad asked me a bunch about school and so I answered with stuff.

Then for the later evening and then next day we played games with my parents' friends and it was fun. We also played paper people and everything else. My grandparents also left on that sunday to go live in my parents' house for a week. On monday my parents' friends left as well, and we played games alone. On tuesday I left as well and came back to Guelph!

When I got back here I went straight to Justin's house and got my keys back and we went together to have a look at my place. Justin completeled cleaned and rearranged it! It looks great! It was a great surprise :)!!! I have cleaned up more in the meanwhile and it looks very cool.

On wednesday at 5pm I went to meet a friend of Justin's mom's and her family and we all went out to dinner together. I felt a bit weird getting a free dinner this way, but I enjoyed myself and was nice to the people. The people liked me I guess, and we had talked about the underground, so later they left a cloth underground map for me which was very neat! I was very excited looking at it and at the places we had gone to last summer. The family had 2 boys, 15 and 12, and the mom is a teacher and the dad a principle! Yesterday I saw them again and again was given some food from Justin's mom this time, and thanked them for the present. Then in the evening they left for their plane back to England.

I also helped Justin set up for recording drums yesterday, and I also listened while he recorded them, but he's not satisfied with what he has done, so I suppose he is recording it again now.

My family will be annoyed, because I have made a list for things I will be taking monday and we're going to make sure we have everything tonight and get the food and stuff we're taking soon, but I suppose it wasn't that necessary to go home tuesday. On the other hand I have been up to quite a lot, cleaning my room, getting pictures developed, going out etc... So I am not sitting around doing nothing. I have a huge list of stuff I want to do today:

save e-mails + empty account
make cdrs for trip
burn stuff off comp
finish trip list
update LJ
figure out uni text stuff (because i should have the texts for the first class in each subject I will be attending in september)
finish cleaning up place
put pictures into album
fix up new music piece
begin packing
clean backback
listen to new cds
buy new photo albums
practice guitar

Let's see, I have practiced guitar, my backpack is cleaned and hanging to dry, but I am not sure if it's good enough yet, I am almost done updating the LJ (hehe) I have already started the cdrs for trip stuff and organizing things to be burned off comp, and the e-mails thing is also already started... the trip list is here and could be complete unless i remember something i forgot, there is not much to clean up here or pack, and I have started putting the new photos into photo albums but I ran out of space, so I have to get more first.

OK, there are other things I could have said probably... Like, oh! The word "random"! I thought my sister and her friends just used that incorrectly for some stupid reason, but then I heard the older kid at the BBQ saying it too, and yesterday I read that it's part of teenage slang. Geez, I hate that. Random is way too cool a word to be used improperly... Sister! You're using evil teenage slang! It's so well known now that it was on a slang analysis page. If I find the page I will post it up later.

Oh and yesterday I came back and found out that Joseph's mommy didn't have cancer :D so I am happy! Joseph was so sad lately, I guess he was still kind of dead last night because he went offline without saying anything... Oh well! Tonight will be better most likely.

Anyway, I am going to grab a peanut butter sandwich and head out for a walk. I'll write another post later if necessary. Last thing is what I am doing now:

Tomorrow - Scottish Festival (note: they have a black guy advertising the festival on the cover of the pamphlet this year for some odd reason... and another thing is, there is some german festival too but we're going to miss it cause of trip :\!)
Sunday/Monday - trip preparation!
Monday night - leave on trip! *very excited*
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Lazyness is coming to an end... [27 Jul 2003|04:10pm]
Well well well, seems like everything ahead of today is planned:

* Tomorrow: trip with Justin (I will post more details after)
* Tuesday: Go Home
* Thursday: Nina's birthday
* Friday: Go to farm
* Tuesday: Leave farm
* August 5 (which is that tuesday) - 11th pack and prepare for mega trip!
* August 8-10 = scottish festival/some other kind of similar festival
* Sometime during the 5tha and 11th: Might go to African Lion Safari park
* Night of August 11th: leave for NB!
* August 11- September 9th (or possibly 8th) MEGA TRIP
* from then on ---> SCHOOL until april

woah hehe

I realized I forgot to mention on friday that I brought in my tuition as soon as I woke up because it's already due tomorrow and it was too late for my mom to send it out in the mail. While I was there I ran to the big food area (although it's not so big now since it's under construction) and I thought "how could I have gotten sick of this food?" and I wanted to eat there... Well it won't be much more of eating my own crap anyway, just today and tomorrow and then the 5th-11th and other than that I will be away and then when I come back I can eat it again.

Yesterday was kind of a neat day, I hadn't talked to Justin the whole day Friday, so I phoned him when I woke up on Saturday and said "how are you doing want to do anything" etcccc! So I went over to his place and it was raining and his mom was saying it was a bad day to go out and gave us all this rain gear, umbrellas, plastic bands for stuff not to get wet, maps etc (all while Justin was saying "no mum, it's ok" etc hehe). But by the time Justin had gone to grt a coffee from Tim Hortons and we went on our way the rain had basically stopped haha. It was already 2:30 and too late to drive too far away so we ended up just going to Elora and running around at the Gorge there and going to the Fergus Market. Afterwards we bought 2 medium pizzas (I actually like the pizza with feta cheese on it... it hides the crappy basic-cheese-used taste and the tomato sauce!) and ate about half each of our own (I ate exactly half, Justin ate one slice more than half to be precise) because we had barely eaten anything all day after all that. Then we just went to the mall to go to chapters and read stuff for a while.

When Justin went home after that he told his mom that we had driven to Algonquin Park and she didn't believe him at first but then she did and was a tiny bit annoyed when she found out he had been joking because it went on for a few minutes. After that I went home and on the computer for a very short while and then went to bed because I was tired. Somehow I still managed to read a chunk...
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[25 Jul 2003|10:20pm]
Well, I haven;t said much in a few days. The rest of tuesday is uninteresting to talk about probably, but wednesday and thursday were cool. Today I just sat around and went for a walk so far, nothing special.

Wednesday, Justin and I went to a bird place called Mountsberg and then from there we got into Rattlesnake point for free because they're both a part of Conservation Halton. At Mountsberg we saw lots of birds :D I especially liked seeing the Bald Eagles!!!! I got a picture of a turkey vulture spreading its wings! We also saw some goats and sheep and they made funny noises hehe. I played a bit in a kids play barn and we also ran to the water where there were some geese and stuff :)! At Rattlesnake Point we walked around a bit and it was nice there and we took piccys there too! :)

Yesterday (thursday) was neat. I had a few nightmares before the day though, I was a bit worried that things would screw up. The day ended up going fine though. I woke up and ate some food and packed a few things and then Justin came over in my car. He then got a coffee and then we drove back to his place to get his mom and bro at which point we headed off to my parents' place. I drove on the way there even though Justin wanted to drive, but master's mom is scared of the big highways and didn't trust him to drive hehe. Justin was a bit annoyed that i didn't stick up for him, but Ii could tell she really didn't want him to. Anyway, so I drove to my parents' place and we went into the house and i said "hello?!" "HELLO?" etc hehe and i thought "oh god i know how this will turn out already...". Luckily, then my mom came and so I was relieved a bit. I was afraid she might ignore the fact we arrived sort of, but she didn't really, although she did go for a swim while we toured the house which I found a bit strange. She seems to behave so different and much more relaxed and if things are much less important about people I bring over... Maybe that's just in my head? While I showed them the house, I got to see my sister's newly made room which was very nice looking!! After that we went outside and were all talking... Well, it was mostly me and my parents and Justin's mom. After that, we got into the van and drove off to my grandparents' place with my doggies. When we got there, after greeting my grandparents, we did another house tour and then went outside and walked around the pond, viewing my grandfather's work in progress on his greenhouse. Then we were all hungry and glad to feast on some chips in the Stone Harbour Inn! Then Nina, Justin and his mom and brother went on the boat to the island and right as we got on our way, it started raining. So, we hid in the little hut on the island and talked a bit there and then just went back through the rain.Then we sat for bbq time and ate yummy food and talked while all nine of us were cramped around the table to avoid the rain. After the feast we went to big barn and had a look through both the top and bottom part, and then my grandfather showed Justin's mom his chapel hehe, and Justin's bro was playing with oaks and his hacky sack which she was obsessed with chasing around hehe. I had to rescue it a few times! Then we drove back to parent's place and then we played with oaks while Justin's mommy and my parents had tea and sister ran to computer. We also played on the sega genesis, well me and Stuart did, until Justin's mom was ready to go. Then Justin was allowed to drive back, but like on the way there we got stuck in traffic which was a bit annoying. When we got back it was close to midnight, and we had left at around 11:30 in the morning. It was over 12 hours of socializing time!

Yah, so that's basically it man... I don't feel like writing anymore anyway!

Pesky sister though, you reminded me of the sims and I have been playing a bunch today...
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*yawns* [22 Jul 2003|01:42pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So I was sleeping and dreaming about stuff I don't want to speak of on here, just because of how silly it was involving people I don't know and then also sexual stuff etc... But anyway, I awoke suddenly to a knock on the door and it was confusing... I said "Hello??" and I got an answer "Marisa? Marisa!". So I got up and let Justin in and colapsed back on the bed, he turned on the lights so I was completely blinded. Then I saw vaguely, through my eyes opened a crack, that he was holding out his hand. So I grabbed upwards and it turns out he had a package for me from Germany. Great, my 4 Vargulf CDs are in. Then he left and I was kind of out of it so I got dressed really fast and tried to chase him. It didn't work because by the time I was dressed and out the door he was already pulling out of the driveway... I tried to run after him but, well, it didn't work. I feel dead tired. Tonight I must go to bed early, for on thursday I have to get up at maybe 10:30, and I can't sleep in until something wacko like 3 tomorrow or I'll ruin the whole thursday for myself because I won't get to sleep in time.

I have been playing Diablo 2 recently. I now have a very shitty trap assassin, a cool but not that great overlord necro and a still level 21 (I think) bowazon. I am a bit annoyed, my necro has cool stuff on like some of the Trang-Oul set... I read somewhere that the regular skeletons were good, but somehow they die all the time anyway, they don't seem to be that tough to me. Well, the bad thing about an overlord necro is really that you need to have your 3829572 guys before you can hurt stuff, and also the mages disappear if you walk away too fast, so you have to walk around slowly with a huge army of minions otherwise you're screwing yourself. But it's neat to have all these d00ds around :)

Anyway, yesterday was Mushroom's last appointment before the big trip. Something went wrong with that though that is kind of funny. First of all, I had to get up at 11 and so I was tired, and then just before leaving Justin's mom calls me from work and tells me that they have no appointment for me written down at all and they have someone else down for that time... She asked me if maybe I called the wrong place, and I said, no I was sure I called the right place because the name they said was the guy's first name she always mentions. Then it turns out that the guy's place she meant for me to have my appointment at is named after his last name and there is another place with another guy with the same first name who calls his place after his first name...

I didn't really know what to do, so I just went to the post office, mailed some packages and then went over to Justin's house anyway (because he was going to drive in front of me to show me how to get there and take me home after because I of course would have to leave Mushroom there for a while) and by that time he knew about this ruckus as well. It was a bit amusing how they argued about it, Justin said she always called it by his first name so how was he supposed to know it was called something else and she said how was she supposed to know beforehand that there was another place with that name and she gave him the righjt phone number ages ago. At any rate we ended up going to the road it was on and then Justin stopped and so I got out of my car and he said "Do you know what the address is?" ¬¬ problem #2 hahaha... So then we drove back and forth trying to find it (it's not too big a road) and eventually I said I would ask someone. So I ended up getting someone to look it up in a phonebook for me, and he told me it was number 111. We went to 111, and guess what? It was not the right place. The people seemed quite surprised there since they were a water treatment place (hehe) and did not know of the place I was talking about. It turned out the guy must have said "11" not "111" because just as we were giving up I saw it haha. We actually made it just in time somehow, I guess cause we left very early. So then tons of stuff was fixed on Mushroom and at 5 I was able to pick him up :)!

In between waiting for Mushroom, Justin came over for a little bit and then left after we had done some stuff on the computer, and after the appointment we went to the mall and went to chapters and I continued reading some book talking about genetics, it's kind of neat. After that we went back to his place and ate and watched some new downloaded South Park episodes and then I helped him practice drums by playing what he told me to on guitar. I just suck so my hand kept getting sore from doing it hehe.

Other than that it was D2 time, man!

Ok, time for D2 and food.

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PLANS [20 Jul 2003|03:46pm]
So here are my plans for the day:

Finish eating/drinking
Head out for a walk
Get groceries on the way back
Burn CD-Rs I am sending off tomorrow + clean up while I wait for them to finish
After that I guess I will try to work on music, but I can just see that I will end up going straight to videogames

Ohhhhh well! If I saw how little I would be doing now back when I was in IB I think I would have thrown up hehehe... How can I be so lazy now that I can't even make myself work on music? I ought to practice guitar more often too, I am not getting better, but I guess I am not getting worse either... I just find it annoying that it seems so simple to be able to play certain things and then I try it and I can't get my hands to do it properly... Stupid hands!!!!!! Well, I guess if I started piano from scratch now it would be frusterating too, it comes naturally now, and I felt by the way I was playing guitar the other day that maybe it could become that way too. It's weird that I always think it's too late now, as if I am too old to start with something like that... In reality my life is just beginning (unless an early death attacks me) so how can I be so silly? I expect too much of myself too fast all the time, I can't give this time somehow. I practice and then think "gee, I am no better than I was x days ago" and I get discouraged... Well that's normal! What the pete, I should realize that by now. It's obvious that I have made some progress since I first started, now it feels more natural to sit and play it, before I felt like my hands were in such odd positions hehe... And I haven't practiced much, I have to get myself to not give up on things, giving up is worse than never getting anywhere by trying...
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[20 Jul 2003|02:44am]

One more week of doing nothing, within which I plan to do something! I hope I get some more music stuff done, and I might go some places with Justin.

Today (or I guess yesterday by the time it is now) Justin came over and we had a spiffy day, he brought some movie (I am sure normal people have heard of it, but I didn't know anything about it) called "Willow" which we watched... Well, it was a bit of some typical movie like that, mostly just "woaaaahh!" type fighting stuff which is very silly, and the main plot was quite typical and it's not as if it had any message or any real englishclassy symbolism and stuff... It was just sort of one of those entertainment type movies... That's the kind of stuff I don't like, and it turns out most movies are like this, that's why I don't like em. It was ok though, I didn't mind watching it.

Other than that we made a feast and stuff, I blew the fuse for the third time this year because we were using too much stuff at once while trying to cook multiple things...

I also went for a short walk and played D2 and Wario Wares Inc, which is some gba game I am obsessed with that I first learned about from these kids I babysat one time replacing my sister who usually does the job...

DAMN, I have a run on sentence problem! I write badly in my live journals and get annoyed about it but don't want to fix it. I sometimes notice myself not remembering how to spell stuff lately too, this is bad!!!!

Yah so for now I have planned:

Monday - appointment for Mushroom
Tuesday or Wednesday - Go to some place with Justin
Thursday go with family and Justin's family to grandparents and have BBQ
then sometime after that go to my parent's place and visit them and sister and pets and celebrate sister's birthday
Then go to grandparents with them on the 1st I believe
Then come back here probably the 3rd and start getting ready for the trip
the weekend of the 8th-10th go to scottish festival with Justin
and then on the night of the 11th leave on trip
and then i won't be back until september and then I will go to class and try again to get job adn stuff

SO CONCLUSION: After this next short week everything I have been doing everyday and getting sick of will cease and I will miss it hehehe.
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trade trade trade! [18 Jul 2003|11:35pm]
So I am doing a lot of trades now! Now I only have 26 copies left of my CD-R including the ones that will go out for the 2 trades I have in process... So I don't have many left :) neat huh? Just a little bit ago I had almost all 60 of my copies!

Let's see! The day before yesterday me and Justin went to Brantford and to the Native Museum there. It was interesting looking at the museum stuff, I was just very tired. After going through we were in the gift shop and then a native lady there said "do you want to see the dancing?" and we said "sure" and she said "ok come on it's about to start!" and hurried us into the auditorium hehehehe. We watched the dancing, lots of them seemed to be similar, but it was neat when they made the music themselves with a drum and their voices... The thing I found the coolest was the hoop dance... One of the guys did a dance where he used those hula hoops and moved them around him and made all sorts of shapes and impressions of stuff... like he made wings and a globe etc, it was very complex and he did it so easily, it was neat. For one dance everyone had to come up and participate :\... I was a bit grumpy that day from lack of sleep so I think I got a bit annoyed during some parts, but reflecting on it it was cool.

After Brantford we drove down to Lake Eerie and we found a huge dead fish and took some pictures of it, one with me holding it! We walked around and ate there and stuff...

Yesterday I ahd to get Mushroom's muffler fixed... While we were waiting for it to be done we ran over the the Humane Society and saw cute doggies and kitties and some other animals like rabbits, a guinea pig and I think the other 2 were two rats... They were all friendly and very cute! One of the doggies was missing an eye, that was weird to see somehow, and he was a very nice doggie too. I wish I could take them all home hehehe! Typical thing to say after going to a place like that!

Today I made a general appointment for him for monday, so he can get checked up before we go on our trip to the east coast... So I am glad I can already get that over with monday... Other than that I have been playing videogames and trying to work on music and failing and making food etc... Last night I played d2 until almost 5am hehehe...

I have been talking to much to BM people, so people, give me some variety and tell me you hate BM and talk to me anyway. Too many NS ruckuses... I won't get into it here with this NS crap, I don't want to spread stuff about people or retell stories here because it's bound to be biased and it would be just like them, talking about pride and honour and talking behind peoples backs... Well, if my mom read this she would say I should talk to better people. Well, the world doesn't have better people, I should be satisfied with what I have and not be so judgemental I thought... The NSers are just big antifollowers, just like plenty of other petes in the world...

I have this temnojar song stuck in my head, it's so cool... like temnozor except with a jar and they are both paganfront... interesting... i will have to figure out more of this later... I thought maybe they were the same guy doing it, one project BM the other not, but I was told no.

Oh, I never posted that:

****************I FOUND THE HARVEST MON BACK TO NATURE ISO**************************

haven't got it working properly yet though, so I don't know... It works but freezes part way through the intro after you put in your name and all the info...

This morning Justin woke me up bringing my car back. We went to the mall and I was reading a neat book on genetics saying that the whole nature vs nurture arguement is crap and that the genes react based on what's going on in the environment... Makes sense to me, too seperate them as 2 individual things is silly... most people are under the impression today though that genes have nothing to do with how a person is... They are completely wrong, it's obvious just from observing around you! The world is turning so tolerance.org! There were some funny parts in the book so far though... Like the guy was saying there were a predicted 100,000 different genes for humans and it turned out to be only around 30,000 I think and then people decided that meant there weren't enough genes to stop us from having complete free will... Geez, if you think about it complete free will would make no sense, what would we base things on initially if we didn't believe anything? We'd all base it on the same nothingness, so people in similar situations should be basically the same... Like brothers and sisters... Another funny part was when he was discussing these crazy monkey ways of mating and about how they have sex all the time... Hehehehe... I think that particular piece of info, although it was a relevant example, was chosen because of the subject ;) hehe... Gotta make people like your book, man!
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i am not staying caught up [15 Jul 2003|12:38am]
must write in journal...

Let's see... Well, today Stuart came back from his camping trip so I went with Justin and his mom to pick him up and we waited for about an hour cause the bus was late, but it was fun. Other than that I have been working on music, playing videogames and arranging trades for my CD-R release...

The other bits of excitement I can think of now are:
1) My family visiting last saturday
2) The full moon last night

Onto #1!

When my family visited on saturday I took them to Rockwood, and we went to the Rockwood Conservation Area or Park or whatever it's called. They really liked it there it seems. Well my parents went on about how it's the nicest place like that they had ever seen... I wonder why they don't drive out places and look at nature more often instead of staying in these crowded unnaturey city parks: "oh look there is a forest here" "uhhh, there is like 5 meters of trees and then someones backyard...". My sister seemed to like it too, I know she doesn't say stuff like "this place is fabolous!!!!! it's the greatest place like this i have ever been to!!!!!" and I don't blame her heh... But she seemed to like it there too I think. Afterwards we went to a restaurant called Shakespeares Arms where I go with Justin sometimes. They all seemed to like the food there too so they had a good time out with me. They went home after that.


Yah, so last night I tell Justin "let's go meet up outside and see the full moon!" Well, he picked me up instead and then we walked into the field and looked at it and then he wanted to go home already ¬¬ so I ended up going for a walk on my own and going back to his place for hot chocolate. On the way through the woods I think I heard coyotes howling. I also saw 2 piles of fur I think probably from deer. The full moon shining over the field was very nice, it was worth stumbling through the dark part and getting frusterated when I kept walking off the path by accident hehehe... For some reason, some human came into the woods at night, but he had a big bright light on his bike so he wasn't cool... That's so... Well I guess if he was just trying to get somewhere it's ok, but taking a flashlight to go enjoy the woods is so stupid... You miss out on what nature is truely like like that... If you're going to be that much of a pussy you should go in the daytime I say...

I ended up boring a movie from Justin that he rented. It was called "Zero Kelvin" it takes place within the arctic circle I think, and it was pretty good. The characters were extremely well made I think, they were very realistic and in depth, I was surprised, there were emotions in there displayed by the characters that I don't think most people would understand or know where they were coming from. One of the characters slowly revealed fragments of his past which made it very clear what the reason for how he was came about, but it wasn't so much that it was obvious and too much information than would have been naturally given, which happens often in movies I find. The imagery in the movie was also very good. I think these two points are the main good parts, but to me with movies characterization is very very important. I get very annoyed with TV shows and movies because the characters are not real at all, these people in this movie were so real... Whoever wrote the movie really has a very very strong understanding of different personalities and human nature etc, this went much deeper than I have ever seen characterization going, at least since I have been paying attention critically, which may not actually be that long, so I don't know what this means. But any type of positive comment from me about something like this is a big deal. There was also a great deal of foreshadowing so the basic ending to me was very clear soon, but somehow this didn't matter. Anyway, I don't know if anyone reading this well ever see that movie so I won't go into details, but I am glad to see that it is possible to make movies that are actually good, I have seen a few now that are either ok or good, this is new to me... Thanks Justin (even though I doubt you'll read this) for having me sit through some movies and realizing there are some movies out there that are good.
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stuff i forgot [10 Jul 2003|12:57pm]
Well, I am listening to the tapes I got from Dunkelweg, they haven't been bad so far. I really like the Vinterriket - Gjennom Takete Skogen Rerelease I got, I am currently listening to it. Other than that I have listened to Thallium - A Howling from Thousand Years and some of the Holmgang - I Vinterens Favn tape. I like the Holmgang as well, the Thallium one was ok when I listened, I have to listen again to make a better opinion. That booklet of theirs is just funny because it's from Brazil and there are all these wolves on the cover... And the wolves are stretched weird so they all look squished hehehe. Then it goes on about stuff like that the paganfront is great and helps educate the Europeans... Hahahaha, yah right! They don't talk to anyone who doesn't already 100% agree with them, how is that educating? They are doing far from that, it's just a way for them to look eviller but also more realistic than a satanic band which nobody would take seriously. This whole NS stuff is kind of funny, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying the music. I mean, music is about music, not the ideals behind it.

Anyway, I forgot to say that yesterday on the way to the river we saw a dead possum and pulled over and had a look at it. It was very cute! I had never seen one before I don't think.

Also, the day before yesterday after going to value village I forgot to mention that Justin cooked me a huge potatoey feast! Now I know how to make a potatoey feast, even though potatoes aren't really my favourite thing. Justin made them be yummy though, but you just can't make potatoes as yummy as other stuff. Now I have a new meal I can make. I am in need of those, man.

OK, now to listen to some more tapes...
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adventure! [09 Jul 2003|09:01pm]
I got back maybe an hour ago from a spiffy day! I woke up from Justin phoning me this morning so we could go on an adventure. I was looking forward to it but I was very tired cause I had had a bad sleep. The reason I had had a bad sleep was because so many big bugs kept waking me up :\! Well, 2... They kept flying around and hitting the ceiling and generally BUGging me hehehh. It took me forever to catch them and kick them out! Then just after 6 in the morning those damn new neighbours were being nosy again laughing and saying "woooo hahah" type stuff... >:| I got angry and hit the wall hard 3 times with my fist and luckily that shut them up, but I was so annoyed it took me a few minutes to calm down. Finally at 9:30 in the morning I was woken up again by an automated Bell call for this new One Bill thing... Jesus, you already sent me stuff in the mail, don't phone me too >:|!

Anyway, when I finally got up and went to Justin's place we drove to go river walking!! We parked my car at the side of a road and walked a bit and climbed down a steep hillside by the road to a forest path that lead to a bridge over the river. We crossed the bridge and climbed down by the falls there to the part of the river at the bottom of the falls (seems kind of obvious eh?) and we went into the river and walked down it. Yesterday we had got cheap shorts from value village, and we were both wearing old shoes and hats to keep sun away from eyes. Justin was also wearing sunglasses. The river here was not very strong and not very deep (not even up to our knees) except one pool near the beginning which went maybe up to my bellybutton heh. It was also very rocky at this part, and for most of the stretch we walked. On the way down we saw 2 huge spiders!!!! If you think of those Tamagotchi or whatever eggs, that's about the size they were. And it wasn't just a tiny body with long skinny legs, the bum part itself of the one spider was about as big as a pistachio nut (as Justin described it heh) and that was only the bum part! there there was still a little head and fat legs... We also saw little crayfish and minnows and stuff like that. Justin kept turning over rocks and kept calling me over and showing me stuff while I was splashing around in a deeper part. Sometimes the water got a bit deeper and it felt nice in the heat. Eventually, we ran into a guy who was fishing. At this point we had to get out of the river and climb through the trees on the side. The natural surroundings throughout the journey were really nice looking, but it was a bit spiky to get through these bushes with just shorts on. I am too used to pants! We made it around the fishing guy, and went back into the river. It started getting sandy there, and we stayed in one area and skipped rocks! After that we got to a quicksandy muddy area heheh, and we ended up having to climb out of the river there as well and go along the side, because the river was blocked offl. We climbed over the blockage and, after unsanding ourselves in the water, we went to where the water was rushing in through a tunnel of rocks. We each took a turn holding on to the top of the rock tunnel and letting the strong water push us. Justin was holding my arm so that if I lost grip I would possibly not be swept away. We then went into a really deep pool there and went acccck at the cold water and swam a bit. After this part, the water got rougher, and we clambered around, slipping a bit sometimes and scratching against rocks a bit. One time I was almost down some rocks and Justin held out his hand to help me and I said "it's ok I'm fi...EENNN! and i slipped and ended up grabbing him. Hehehh... That made me feel like such a girl hehe. But we both slipped a bunch of times anyway because it was hard not to. The rocks were very unexpected and caverns between them unexpected and the water was pushing us, and the rocks were slippery! Heh! Then we made it to a place where there was a mini water fall on one side of the river, and the other side rushed down more gradually. We climbed down that second side, and then we went back towards the waterfall. The water was SO strong there. Justin told me to try to swim towards it and I was staying in one spot, so then I went "RAH!" and tried really hard and made it forward only to slam my knee into a huge rock that wasn't visible hehe... That hurt, I let myself go back and sat on another rock for a bit hehe, but I was laughing. Then we both swam up to the rock and sat on it facing away from the waterfall (which was difficult to do! It was hard enough to get there in the first place, and the water kept trying to steal my pants off hehe). Once sitting on the rock the water felt strong, but nice, and we didn't need to really struggle as much anymore. We leened backwards and let the water hit us and it was so nice <:D! We left soon and continued down the rougher part of the river, and then it calmed down and there was another short waterfall the went across the whole river. We climbed down beside the river and I swam behind the waterfall. It was neat because there was an air space there! After a bit further down the river we finally made it to where we were going to go out again (at a the road running over the river) and we walked for a while drying off our clothes as we did. So that was the adventure! Since then we ate subway food and picked up my package from Dunkelweg Productions in Brazil, and we came back here. I had a shower and disinfected my wound and started typing this while Justin had a nap (or IS HAVING! I should wake him up now). I am wearing a wolf t-shirt I got from value village for I think $2 hehe... It's neat :D. Soon I will practice with Justin playing drums and me showing him what's going on in the guitar part so he can record his song soon. I mentioned something about that in the last entry I think.
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dan dan daaaaaan ching ching (yah I should play the old King's Quest games soon) [08 Jul 2003|03:45pm]
I am learning the left hand of the guitar part for one of Justin's new songs so that I can show him what is going on while he plays drums to it. Playing drums is probably fun, but I have only tried once and didn't know what I was doing.

I might go out for a walk soon to get some exercise, but I guess I need to eat a bit of food first.

Yesterday I returned the library books we had been using to plan our east coast trip. I also got my photos back and they look cool! I also got a bit annoyed with Justin. He got upset over some things that I feel like I can do little about. I have decided that if I don't want to be involved in this stuff I shouldn't get involved. Great advice from Joseph!!! I guess it should have been obvious but it still somehow isn't... By not doing anything I might look like I am showing bias or that I don't care... The basic situation is that my mom ignores Justin and won't get to know him and he is bothered by that. When I told my mom she chose to say nothing the next time and giggle which really helped. Somehow this makes me look like I don't care about the situation, but in the end I can't control what my mom does, and I think that our relationship shouldn't depend on the relationship he has with my mom. If he thinks I won't stick up for him or that I am embarrassed about him or somehow against him I guess it is really his problem for not believing in my feelings. It's just hard for me to say that because I want him to believe them, heh. My parents could hate him and bug me every day like they did with Richard and it wouldn't change my feelings. The only person who can change them is me, and so this shouldn't be a problem for our relationship. I am a bit frusterated that my mom goes on about her social skills being her strength and then obviously showing very poor ones here. Justin asks her questions about her and she gives quick answers and runs away or changes the subject and talks to someone else... Is she scared to get to know him or what? I wonder what is going on, maybe he's right that she doens't like him, but then she would be lying to me and she said she would never do that and I believe her. If that is the case she must be lying to herself I think. It seems like she doesn't even notice her odd behaviour towards him. Well, who knows how things will be at this BBQ with my family and his... I think it will go by fine... I just hope that Justin enjoys himself and understands that I would do the sun and the moon for him. Hehe, that sounds dumb but it's a quote from the Bang Bang Bang video, heh! That video is cool.

Speaking of bang bang bang, last night I heard some people in the other basement part having sex while I was trying to read Harry Potter. The girls moaning voice was kind of faint at first so I was nervous that some girl was getting hurt hehe (I would have had to maybe try to save her!)... Then I listened carefully and thought "ohhh, sex" hehehe... That was kind of weird, I have never had that happen before. But then I stopped hearing her again except when she moaned really loudly because the Harry Potter book turned my ears off.

Sometimes it's pretty obvious that I don't have real problems. The one in the paragraph before the previous is the biggest thing and it's really not that big of a deal actually. I just hope it won't bother Justin too much, somehow it makes me feel guilty even though just because my mom is my relative, doesn't mean I can control her.

We also got a pizza yesterday... It was just a regular pizza but it was only 4 dollars so we each got half a pizza for 2.30 basically (because of tax), but I think the one I had with feta cheese and onions to strengthen the pizzas regular taste was much better. I finally understood that it's not that I don't like pizza, it just doesn't taste too great if there is no good stuff on it. the regular pizza is just pepperoni with cheese and tomato sauce. The tomato sauce is way too strong, the bread isn't exactly the bestest ever, the cheese is very processed and the pepperoni doesn't really hide all that... Wait a sec, Justin ate pepperoni?!! Hmmm hehe! Pesky little boy... ;) Oh well, I am peskiest because at least he is a vegetarian MOST of the time hehe. Although, I don't eat that much meat either.

Today I have:
eaten a banana
put away some of my clothes
put my new photos in the album

Today I plan to:
call mommy and arrange that maybe family visits and we can go on an excursion and she can bring stuff i need from home
eat food/drink drink (hehe)
go for a walk
finish cleaning up
make sure i have that guitar thing down pat
finish that new thing i started recording and maybe more
play videogames

that is my schedule! i hope i haven't forgotten anything!

Final thing! I am probably going to send some of my CD-Rs out to Warhorn Records out in Quebec! Justin has been sending copies places and I saw today that they are being sold at Regimental Records already :D!
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i was away! [07 Jul 2003|12:49pm]
OK! So! I went to my parents' place on june 27th, after Justin washed my car! I had dinner there and we talked a lot. On Saturday we all played games together. The games we played were Monopoly and The Amazing Labyrinth (I just remember the German name is Das Verruckte Labyrinth and I am not sure if that's spelled right, but the correct translation would be The Crazy Labyrinth I think, but I know that's not what it is called... Sometimes I wonder if anyone else cares about this stuff I ramble about heh).

On Sunday, me and Nina drove to my grandparents' place. My grandmother had told us to leave at 2 so that we'd make it for 4 and then we'd make it to their friend's place for 4:30. This was a bit silly because it is an hour drive to their place, not two hour drive, and it wasn't likely that there would be a traffic jam. That isn't even the silliest part, the friend's house they wanted to drive to is less than 10 minutes away... So, we left just before 3 and got there 3 minutes or so after 4 and my grandmother was already nervous. Now, here comes the silly part. It turns out we had to get there at 4:30 to go for a walk before we eat at 5. Now, I think my grandparents should have realized by now that these people we were visiting weren't the type of people to stick to schedules anyway and would not even notice us being 10 minutes late and maybe not even a half hour late. But my grandmother said she had phoned them up and SHE said to them that if we weren't there at 4:30 they should go on a walk without us. Not only had she caused her own problem here, but she was panicking that we wouldn't make it on time for 4:30. So I assumed she wanted to go for a walk badly, in the car she kept asking me the time and saying "3 more minutes!" etc... It was so silly hehe... Then we got there and they were of course just sort of mulling around and not in a rush to go for a walk (sometimes I wonder which I prefer, the rigidness or the laidbackness, but at least I would acknowledge that people here ARE usually laid back and not panic about something that is in my own head) and after maybe 10 minutes my grandmother asked if the one guy still wanted to go for a walk. He said yah and then my grandparents seemed to be annoyed and didn't want to go for a walk... Now either they had panicked to get there on time so they could go for a walk and then were annoyed that they had to, or maybe they thought that since 10 minutes had passed it was getting far too close to the 5 o'clock dinner boundary... Anyway, we ended up going for a "walk" (it was at a snails pace) and I met their 2 dogs plus the neighbours 2 dogs and they were all nice. Then we didn't eat for ages and I think my grandparents thought it was terrible how behind everything was, it was probably around 7 when we actually ate hehehe... My grandfather was saying "he cut up all this stuff blah blah blah which all could have been done beforehand!". It's amusing, my grandparents always think individuals are weird with this stuff, they don't seem to get that the people here just are very relaxed about stuff. Maybe they should have eaten some lunch?!?! Maybe then they wouldn't have been so hungry!

On a side note, Justin thinks the people in Ontario aren't very relaxed and the people on the East Coast are more relaxed... I sometimes wonder if I could personally stand that or if I would end up yelling at people to just pull themselves together and get stuff done... My German-gene-made stomach churns with displeasure... On the other hand there are a lot of these conventions that I find silly, but I doubt people in Germany are as wacky about stuff like that today. I will jump to the last day at my ghrandparents' to talk about this. They wanted to go to a Harvey's/Swiss Chalet, and my grandmother was eating some pita wrap thing I think... At any rate some of the inside stuff fell out while she was eating it and she wouldn't pick it up with her hand. So she went to find a fork, but they only had them behind the counter so I told her to ask them if she wanted a fork. She didn't want to do that and so she ended up taking fries and using them as chop sticks... I was laughing because it looked so funny... It was so silly to use french fries, but somehow just picking it up was impossible, it's like she's so stuck in this mindset she finds it impossible... My grandparents and parents often have said stuff to me like "it just looks bad" when talking about clothes, hair, way of eating etc and I said a kind of "says who?" answer. It's like it's a fact that certain things look good and others look bad instead of an opinion... I sometimes wonder also how much of this is linked to upbringing and to genes, because obviously if everyone with certain genes started to act in a certain way or set certain rules it couldn't have always been upbringing, but some of it may have turned into it... I don't know. I notice in myself I have a strong set of rules of the game of life (hehe) too, they are just different from theirs. So I wonder if having this kind of a strong idea of rules of life is part of the genes, and what they are for people is more brought through upbringing, because genes can't make you like a certain kind of clothes can they? I guess maybe if your frame of mind is very sexual or not they could have an impact? I don't know, I don't think anyone can answer this question yet anyway, not enough is known about this stuff I would think. Anyway, one person that I talk to in Germany seems a lot like me in the way he thinks and how he acted as a kid etc and I wonder whether there is some German connection or whether it's coincidence. I can't really know because I know so few German people. Sometimes I think I should go over there and see what people are really like.

Anyway, for the rest of the week we played lots of Ligretto and Rummy with my grandmother. They are 2 card games, though I think the name Rummy is pretty recognizable to most people as a card game probably. I also played lots of Paper People with my sister! It was so much fun, I missed it so much. I keep thinking "I want to play paaaaaper" but I can't. I am glad Nina wants to play again, I was thinking that I wouldn't ever really get to play again. Most people think it's silly to play with stuff like that, but I don't see why it is... I guess they are just insecure about looking like a little kid. Playing with stuff like that is like re-enacting the real world and making characters and trying to keep to their character even if you hate what they are doing. It's like everything happens for you and you have just created a world and stuff... It's so much fun, and I can't understand why people can play something like the sims and then say this is dumb, because this is like the sims+23986592654329 new features hehe ;Þ. If I look back to the days where I played with the little plastic guys, it is probably the happiest moments I ever had. When I got older and now it's somehow harder to be so content hehe. I remember having such hard times at school and only being real buddies with my sister and playing this stuff, I don't know... I sometimes think it helped start my philosophical thinking. Something one of my characters from way back then believed was "First and last to do something are always best, second and second last are always worst." it was just a silly thing for him to bug other people when there were lineups, but I think there was some truth to it, and I don't think I really noticed that wayyyyyyy back then.

Oh the last things about the week that are interesting is that on that first evening during dinner it started to hail! And big chunks of ice flew down and it was so neat because it was summer and ice fell from the sky!! Hehehe! There was thunder and lightning and the power ended up going out. After 2 hours of the power out, my sister went up stairs and set up tons of candles and I felt bad telling her that the power was back heheh... It was lit so cozily up there! Also, my grandfather is making an "old style greenhouse" which is a greenhouse with windows only on the sides but not the roof? He is making it out of a piece of the tractor shelter. We had a barbeque on Canada Day :D! The other funny thing was this mosquito watch thing. My grandparents bought us each a $30 device that is supposed to repel mosquitoes by emitting a sound that is supposed to be the same as that of a dragonfly. The dragonfly is supposed to make them flyu away because supposedly dragonflies eat mosquitoes (i don't know if they do). At any rate, the thing didn't work and my grandmother made these excuses... One was sitting on the device itself and she said "maybe it thinks it is riding on a dragonflies back" I hope she wasn't serious about that... First she says chimps can't think and then she acts as if mosquitoes can?? Another one was "maybe the mosquito was deaf" as far as I know they feel the vibration of the sound waves and so they would have to be very damaged for this to be possible... Then she said maybe some mosquitoes were just "stupid"!! X_X

The only other big thing that happened that I can think of is that I had to make 39205729085 phone calls for reservations for my trip with Justin to the East Coast.

Anyway, since I have been back I have done a few things too. On saturday I spent 12 hours straight with Justin heh, we drove around and got groceries for me and sat and had a drink and looked at books and sites and videos ETC!!!!! It was fun, I hadn't seen him since the 27th of june when he washed my car.

Yesterday I spent the whole day just at my computer! I missed it! I played diablo 2 and worked on some music and talked with people. I talked to one guy from Brazil for about 10 hours straight for some reason hehehe! Weird that someone else was on that long! He said I was unique which is pretty cool. And the word "unique" brings me back to diablo 2, rahhh I need to play it again in a minute. At about 11:30 though, Justin called and asked if I wanted him to come over. He came and we went out and looked at a dead coyote that had maggots crawling all over it. It looked neat. We went back here and Justin watched TV and I watched too heh. I really hate Family Guy though, so I got annoyed about watching that. I hope Justin gets sick of that show fast heh. I like watching South Park, and watching King of the Hill is ok if I don't feel restless because it doesn't get on my nerves. But Family Guy annoys me by how much it sucks hehehe... Ok, I guess I should explain my opinion more to justify it but I feel too irritated to do that. If he watches that when I am around again I think I will do something else. Other than that we went out for a drink and I got some more orange juice and stuff for myself.

Alright, that's it! Now I'll post more often again... At least until we go on our trip.
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Woah! Mushroom sounds great! [27 Jun 2003|04:57pm]
I came back from Mushroom's appointment a while back and the speakers sound great! I was listening to Frozen Shadows - Empires de Glace on it and it sounded very cool! It will be neat to drive around in it now :D
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big day! [27 Jun 2003|01:53am]
Today Chris came over all day. Before he came I finished cleaning up my place and then when we got here I ate and we talked and then we went for a 4 hour walk to the university, woods and then back up to the mall to eat. Then we came back here and watched an aosth episode and talked mostly, played videogames etc...

Yesterday I went on a big walk with Justin after hanging around here for a while after the interview. We went when it was turning evening so it was cooler. It was still very hot though. We saw the waterfall we took frozen pics of in the winter, except now that it was really a waterfall :D. After that we climbed the hill and explored up there and found some old crumbling walls and an old tower and stuff! It was a neat excursion. On the way back we saw a snapping turtle on the road and so we stopped and Justin lead it off the road but it was very aggressive and kept trying to jump up and bite heh. Justin threw his hat at it a bunch of times so it would lung forward and attack. This was necessary because it wouldn't let us pick it up and it was in the middle of the road! Plus his hat is a very soft hat so he just got nervous about the movement!

Tomorrow I have appointment for car and I go home to parents/sister's place :D! YAY! I get to visit sister! We will go together to grandparent's place either on sunday or monday so it should be lots of fun!
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job interview! [25 Jun 2003|03:25pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I just got back from that job interview! That was exciting man! I was a bit nervous but it was so simple! (hehehe so many exclamation marks) I think the lady liked me... So I might start working mid-late next week if I get the job. She seemed to think I was the right type of person, either that or she was very good at fooling me, I rarely actually think people liked anything I do, so when I do I usually trust it.

I recieved the phone call about the interview yesterday (as I said in my last post) and I was quite nervous for a while and then thought about it a bit and calmed down. Today I was trying to eat breakfast but my stomach hurt hehehe, I ate a small breakfast while pacing nervously and finally went. It was very hot out (over 30), and even though I hate it when it's hot out it felt soothing to my biting nervous stomach. My car was even hotter so that wasn't nice. I wore deodorant for the first time in ages for this reason heh. I went in and told a girl there I had an interview at 1:15, it was 1:11 on my watch. Probably just a minute later the lady came and called me in. She seemed friendly but I was thinking "oh man" as I followed her in. The first thing she asked me was whether it was even hotter outside then in there. I said yes it was and my car was even colder. Then I realized it wouldn't be as bad as I thought it might. Then she asked me some stuff and talked a lot about what I would have to do working there and I said some stuff too. In between she had to go talk to some air conditioning guys to fix the air conditioning. I told the girl I had first talked to that it was hotter outside and she said she was sweating like crazy in there heh. So, this lady is actually pretty young and she owns the place. I thought that was neat. I told her I would be away for part of August and that seemed to maybe be ok. Now I just have to tell her the exact details.


Other news: I sent Nina a game for snes: Earthbound! It's so addictive and I bet she'll like it. Ness is a cool guy man. When I played Super Smash Brothers for N64 all the time I didn't really know who Ness was... Heheh, now I know!

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Marsfire's Livejournal Stretches in its Grave [24 Jun 2003|10:54pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Hey man, a certain person said to me that we should both resurrect our journals and start writing in them again. Ok cool, so that is what I am doing now.

Let's see what's happened to me... Well, the last few days have been interesting so i will start with those.

On saturday we went to the Northern Lights Festival of 2003 and it was an alright show. There were a lot of silly kids there though. One girl was going on about how she was drunk already before the show and she just kept running around into people and then falling down. For some stupid reason, people kept helping her up. There were a bunch of boys doing this with her too. This was a bit annoying, especially during Woods of Ypres, because I was trying to concentrate on the music so I got a bit angry...

Then on sunday I was a bit sore all day and Justin borrowed my car to drive to his friend's house and I wanted to work on music and clean up my place but I was too sore, I basically played HMGB1 (the first harvest moon game for gameboy) a lot heh. We went out for some drinks in the evening.

Then yesterday my neck felt much better and I got some music done (but it really sucks) and I also went grocery shopping and it wasn't too much fun. Later I brought Justin's family strawberries and showed Justin the music I made and we went for a mini walk, watched some funny cat video, played videogames, made the front of my hair blue and I went with Justin to pick up his sister and her bf. All of the stuff after showing Justin the music I did after saying "brb" to Joseph hahaha... I think that was a 3.5 hour brb.

Today my neck was healed and I was just getting up, eating food etc taking it slow hehehe, and then I recieved a call about a job interview O_O so tomorrow I will go to that. I am not sure if I will be able to work at all in the summer though, but it sounded like they were interested in me working in the autumn too... I hope this turns out...

Yah, other than that, lately I have started playing D2 (diablo 2) again, although not really again for a few days. I have plans to go home this weekend and then go to my grandparent's place for a week and come back here (maybe stopping off at home for the weekend again). Tomorrow I have the interview, plus I am hoping to go for a big walk somewhere with Justin, thursday Chris is coming, and friday I have an appointment for Mushroom (my car) to get new speakers installed (after the ones I brought last thursday were too big >_here</a>, but it kind of sucks still and not many episodes are up.
* I played lots of videogames/computer games, went out for lots of drinks and did a lot of dishes x_x hehe! I restarted Zelda majora's Mask and got way ahead of where I was. I have had the N64 borrowed for a while, and lots of games downloaded.
* I went to wonderland with Justin and Stuart and Stuart's friend and went on drop zone for the first time... I think I am not interested in this type of stuff at all anymore though, I just find it a bit boring, but it was fun going with Justin because he's a good buddy :)
* Justin helped clean my place and my car <:) I guess if I think of anything else I can add it! That's all I can think of for now! OH! If anyone knows where I can download Harvest Moon - Back to Nature PLEEEEEEEASE TELL ME! I don't need a playstation emulator but I do need the game itself heh... thanks! Let me know also if you know where I can get any other of the games other than snes, gb1 and n64. EDIT: Just wanted to say that I now have gb2 and gb3 too!

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2003 so far - week 4 [14 Feb 2003|03:50pm]
Monday January 20th
I went to my classes as usual, except that after the first class I walked to the bank to pay my visa bill and went back and ate at the university. Somehow I did all that in one hour. After classes I went to the first astronomy club meeting. We just discussed who would do what (eg, webpage, president etc). Then, an hour after that was over I went to some SCA introduction thing (not because I was interested in joining, but because I was curious about it) and I am not too sure what to think about that. They made us dance and they sang stuff etc and were dressed in old style clothes heh. I talked to them about my sword and axe. I didn't get home until 9:30 and I didn't do much. I felt tired. I hadn't slept well. Justin said he had called to ask if I wanted to see a movie, but I hadn't been there.

Tuesday January 21st
An hour after waking up and working on my RPG, Justin called and said I could come over when I am ready. We went sledding with his GT and one of those plastic sheets used as sleds (crazy carpets??). It was tons of fun! Then we went back to Justin's place and Justin had a shower and then we went with Stuart to Swiss Chalet. After that we went back to justin's place for a little bit and then we sae the second lord of the rings movie. (It was not my idea, but I ended up thinking it was better than the first afterall, but then again... That doesn't say much... I'll still to the books here, they create a totally different atmosphere...) Afterwards we went back to my place and I was in a weird mood. I showed Justin my videogame.

Wednesday January 22nd
I was having a bad day. I felt terrible without reason and I felt like time was not flowing steadily. Then I went home and Justin wasn't interested in doing anything and I didn't feel like working on anything and so I decided to go to bed (at 7:30pm!). Then I suddenly felt better after a shower and rest (and I had seriously felt horrible all day, so I found this surprising) so I started working on my first music assignment. Then justin called and said he would be able to get drums for only $550! He asked if I wanted to come by for hot chocolate. Then Oma called and we had a fun talk. I went to Justin's place and looked at pictures of tattoos. Then we decided to go late nigh sledding on crazy carpets (at 11pm). It was tons of fun (again)! AFterwards we went for a walk in the woods. I drove Justin home and came in and got to see his sister's tattoo. I ended up staying until 3am!

Thursday January 23rd
All I did all day was work on my music assignment and finish it. I finished my SL (symbolic logic) assignment too. I played Earthbound and talked online etc afterwards.

Friday January 24th
I went to my classes and handed in my SL and music assignments. I tried to study for a latin quiz before the class, but I fell asleep. After my classes I started packing and doing the dishes. Then I picked up Justin's sister from her friend's place and drove her home. There I picked up Justin and we drove to my parent's place. There I picked up a few things and then left again just as Daddy and Nina came in. They looked sad :(. Mommy and Oma had been worried because it took us forever to get there because I got gas and Justin got Quiznos on the way. Then, while trying to drive to the far I accidently drove off the highway onto Allen Road and then, after already being annoyed with myself for being late and also driving wrong and then being poked at by Justin I got somewhat angry (maybe I should remove the "somewhat" O_O) but I calmed down soon after heh. Finally we made it to the farm and had a feast and talked with my grandparents and played games with my grandmother until 2am. After that, me and Justin played with Moodi (their newest kitty) and went to the loft and talked and then went to look at tattoos online. After that i had a bath and we went to bed.

Saturday January 25th
We finally got up at 2pm, and after a breakfast of cereals and fruit, we headed out on a journey. We made it back to old known places from last march's journeys. We met some cows and horses and my feet were frozen! When we got back my feet hurt and my legs were very itchy. We bathed/showered and I put the last pictures into my photo album while talking to Oma. Oma was making dinner at the time. Then we had dinner and then afterwards spent ages looking at my photos. Then we talked a bit and played games until late again. After that me and justin went on the computer and went to bed. Again, in between during the day we had played with Moodi.

Sunday January 26th
I didn't sleep well because I was nervous I would miss my watch going off at 10:49. After getting up, Justin bid on an auction and then we had breakfast. After that we played with Moodi for a while and took pictures. Then we played games with Oma again until she had to make food. We were too lazy to pack, and packed after the feast. Then we drove to Justin's place (and on the way I had to pee so badly I peed in a very snowy ditch heheh) and brought some of the chocolate cake and cheese cake. I stayed a little while and then I went home.
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2003 so far - week 3 [10 Feb 2003|03:31pm]
Monday January 13
I went to my classes and picked up the course manual for my distance ed course. There was also free cotton candy, but after I got some I noticed I lost the bracelet from Justin. Luckily I must have dropped it after skating by accident when putting on my gloves because it was lying outside of the building in which the skating rink lies. When I got back home I cleared the snow off the driveway.I played some Earthbound, and I got excited and happy and almost finished cleaning up. I also started making an RPG with RPG Maker. Justin told me he cut his hair..! We a;lso planned to go drive somewhere the next day.

Tuesday January 14
Today i got up and started working on my RPG. I made some music for it in less than 5 minutes. Then Justin asked me to come and see his haircut, and i finished cleaning up and went over. He had tricked me and only cut his facial hair! Then we went to the edge of the woods, and Justin took some pictures. We went to get his film developed, went to look for boots for me, and then got groceries to make a feast at my place. We ate Kraftdinner (his idea ;Þ) and salad and ice cream with chocolate sauce. Justin also made some music with my keyboard. Afterwards we drove around and stopped in a dark road. Justin pretended he wanted to kill me hah :D! Then i drove him home and went home myself.

Wednesday January 15
I went to classes as usual and went skating. I think my skating is getting better. A beginner there told me I was really good and asked for help skating backwards. I was quite slow going home through the dairybush because the moon and darkened trees were beautiful. I worked on my videogame for quite a while and then went to bed.

Thursday January 16
I woke up and worked on my videogame and then Justin asked me if i would be able to pick up his mom at a car repair place. I went to his place and he was making a flyer for his own music label. Soon his Mom called and i drove and picked up his Mom, sister and brother and a bunch of stuff and squished all of it/them into Mushroom (my car's name). Justin's mom gave me and Justin some coupons and money in return (even though she always gives me food and so I was glad to help her for once) to go eat at Quiznos, which is what we did. It was very yummy. Then for the rest of the evening, first we went to Justin's house and listened to music, and we talked a lot. We talked about his uncle, and talked to his mom a bit too. She showed us some pictures, including some interesting pictures from when she was younger. We then went to my place, ate some ice cream and Justin worked on his keyboard music. Later on in the evening I went a bit nuts and talked until about 2am on MSN.

Friday January 17
Today when I woke up I did the philosophy assignment that was due. I went to class and didn;t skate much today. In the University Center there was a club show and many many clubs had bristol boards up. I talked to some astronomy people, pagan people and these medieval people and found some of them interesting and others annoying hehe. the pagan people seemed to just be antifollowers. When I got back to my place my mom called and asked when I was coming. I packed and was doing the dishes when I heard a knock on the window. It was Justin! We looked at his new photos and talked about stuff. I gave him a Vegan Pamphlet I got at the club show earlier for him. I drove Justin home and we had an arguement (not a personal one at all, I didn't mean anything negative by the use of the word "arguement", none the less, we left each other a bit frusterated with each other hehe, just for not understanding each others point of view) When i got home, we ate and talked.

Saturday January 18
I woke up after several detailed dreams (which is quite common for me). I showed the beasts (my parents :D) my music on horrible speakers (I didn't get to show sister :(!), and I played Goose, Spell it, Kidworks, and the Incredible Machine. Hehh, I wanted to have a look at all these old games. Nina went to her buddy's birthday party and came home at 5 because we wanted to have dinner together and she could also barely eat because she just got braces. After dinner we played Origins and Fang Den Hut (catch the hat... I know you're probably not familiar with this game heh... not that you would likely know origins either, but at least that doesn't have such a "wacky foreign" name, hmmm? it's a very simple game...) and ate ice cream. After getting addicted to the Incredible Machine I went online. Justin had sent me an e-mail thinking I might be upset with him since I had left so abruptly the day before and not made any sign of existence hehe. Finally i had a good opportunity to trick him and I did ;Þ. I pretended to be angry and not want to speak with him haha. I also e-mailed Joseph because he had disappeared from MSN for a while and he was usually on in the evenings.

Sunday January 19
Today Nina had a bunch of people over for a drama play. I played more incredible machine and I played Banjo Kazooie (of all games! very quickly I said "I hate this game!", but then again, I said that constantly when i got addicted to playing it. It's so childish and silly and annoying and you feel like you're wasting time playing it... But it's annoying because it isn't easy and if you think you should be able to do it then...) I stayed for an earlier dinner and then took the TV remote (which i had forgotten), my visa bill, an old VCR and the remote for it (which I almost forgot hahaha), popcorn machine, meat, and another coat. On the way back i delivered a painting for mommy and I then went to justin's place. we talked a lot, I had hot chocolate and he showed me his GTA game progress. I didn't get back to my place until close to 1am. Mommy phoned and i told her I was ok. I got an e-mail from joseph saying that his dialup connection was closed down and he is not sure what will happen now.
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