MaRsFiRE (marsfire) wrote,

2003 so far - week 3

Monday January 13
I went to my classes and picked up the course manual for my distance ed course. There was also free cotton candy, but after I got some I noticed I lost the bracelet from Justin. Luckily I must have dropped it after skating by accident when putting on my gloves because it was lying outside of the building in which the skating rink lies. When I got back home I cleared the snow off the driveway.I played some Earthbound, and I got excited and happy and almost finished cleaning up. I also started making an RPG with RPG Maker. Justin told me he cut his hair..! We a;lso planned to go drive somewhere the next day.

Tuesday January 14
Today i got up and started working on my RPG. I made some music for it in less than 5 minutes. Then Justin asked me to come and see his haircut, and i finished cleaning up and went over. He had tricked me and only cut his facial hair! Then we went to the edge of the woods, and Justin took some pictures. We went to get his film developed, went to look for boots for me, and then got groceries to make a feast at my place. We ate Kraftdinner (his idea ;Þ) and salad and ice cream with chocolate sauce. Justin also made some music with my keyboard. Afterwards we drove around and stopped in a dark road. Justin pretended he wanted to kill me hah :D! Then i drove him home and went home myself.

Wednesday January 15
I went to classes as usual and went skating. I think my skating is getting better. A beginner there told me I was really good and asked for help skating backwards. I was quite slow going home through the dairybush because the moon and darkened trees were beautiful. I worked on my videogame for quite a while and then went to bed.

Thursday January 16
I woke up and worked on my videogame and then Justin asked me if i would be able to pick up his mom at a car repair place. I went to his place and he was making a flyer for his own music label. Soon his Mom called and i drove and picked up his Mom, sister and brother and a bunch of stuff and squished all of it/them into Mushroom (my car's name). Justin's mom gave me and Justin some coupons and money in return (even though she always gives me food and so I was glad to help her for once) to go eat at Quiznos, which is what we did. It was very yummy. Then for the rest of the evening, first we went to Justin's house and listened to music, and we talked a lot. We talked about his uncle, and talked to his mom a bit too. She showed us some pictures, including some interesting pictures from when she was younger. We then went to my place, ate some ice cream and Justin worked on his keyboard music. Later on in the evening I went a bit nuts and talked until about 2am on MSN.

Friday January 17
Today when I woke up I did the philosophy assignment that was due. I went to class and didn;t skate much today. In the University Center there was a club show and many many clubs had bristol boards up. I talked to some astronomy people, pagan people and these medieval people and found some of them interesting and others annoying hehe. the pagan people seemed to just be antifollowers. When I got back to my place my mom called and asked when I was coming. I packed and was doing the dishes when I heard a knock on the window. It was Justin! We looked at his new photos and talked about stuff. I gave him a Vegan Pamphlet I got at the club show earlier for him. I drove Justin home and we had an arguement (not a personal one at all, I didn't mean anything negative by the use of the word "arguement", none the less, we left each other a bit frusterated with each other hehe, just for not understanding each others point of view) When i got home, we ate and talked.

Saturday January 18
I woke up after several detailed dreams (which is quite common for me). I showed the beasts (my parents :D) my music on horrible speakers (I didn't get to show sister :(!), and I played Goose, Spell it, Kidworks, and the Incredible Machine. Hehh, I wanted to have a look at all these old games. Nina went to her buddy's birthday party and came home at 5 because we wanted to have dinner together and she could also barely eat because she just got braces. After dinner we played Origins and Fang Den Hut (catch the hat... I know you're probably not familiar with this game heh... not that you would likely know origins either, but at least that doesn't have such a "wacky foreign" name, hmmm? it's a very simple game...) and ate ice cream. After getting addicted to the Incredible Machine I went online. Justin had sent me an e-mail thinking I might be upset with him since I had left so abruptly the day before and not made any sign of existence hehe. Finally i had a good opportunity to trick him and I did ;Þ. I pretended to be angry and not want to speak with him haha. I also e-mailed Joseph because he had disappeared from MSN for a while and he was usually on in the evenings.

Sunday January 19
Today Nina had a bunch of people over for a drama play. I played more incredible machine and I played Banjo Kazooie (of all games! very quickly I said "I hate this game!", but then again, I said that constantly when i got addicted to playing it. It's so childish and silly and annoying and you feel like you're wasting time playing it... But it's annoying because it isn't easy and if you think you should be able to do it then...) I stayed for an earlier dinner and then took the TV remote (which i had forgotten), my visa bill, an old VCR and the remote for it (which I almost forgot hahaha), popcorn machine, meat, and another coat. On the way back i delivered a painting for mommy and I then went to justin's place. we talked a lot, I had hot chocolate and he showed me his GTA game progress. I didn't get back to my place until close to 1am. Mommy phoned and i told her I was ok. I got an e-mail from joseph saying that his dialup connection was closed down and he is not sure what will happen now.
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