MaRsFiRE (marsfire) wrote,

2003 so far - week 4

Monday January 20th
I went to my classes as usual, except that after the first class I walked to the bank to pay my visa bill and went back and ate at the university. Somehow I did all that in one hour. After classes I went to the first astronomy club meeting. We just discussed who would do what (eg, webpage, president etc). Then, an hour after that was over I went to some SCA introduction thing (not because I was interested in joining, but because I was curious about it) and I am not too sure what to think about that. They made us dance and they sang stuff etc and were dressed in old style clothes heh. I talked to them about my sword and axe. I didn't get home until 9:30 and I didn't do much. I felt tired. I hadn't slept well. Justin said he had called to ask if I wanted to see a movie, but I hadn't been there.

Tuesday January 21st
An hour after waking up and working on my RPG, Justin called and said I could come over when I am ready. We went sledding with his GT and one of those plastic sheets used as sleds (crazy carpets??). It was tons of fun! Then we went back to Justin's place and Justin had a shower and then we went with Stuart to Swiss Chalet. After that we went back to justin's place for a little bit and then we sae the second lord of the rings movie. (It was not my idea, but I ended up thinking it was better than the first afterall, but then again... That doesn't say much... I'll still to the books here, they create a totally different atmosphere...) Afterwards we went back to my place and I was in a weird mood. I showed Justin my videogame.

Wednesday January 22nd
I was having a bad day. I felt terrible without reason and I felt like time was not flowing steadily. Then I went home and Justin wasn't interested in doing anything and I didn't feel like working on anything and so I decided to go to bed (at 7:30pm!). Then I suddenly felt better after a shower and rest (and I had seriously felt horrible all day, so I found this surprising) so I started working on my first music assignment. Then justin called and said he would be able to get drums for only $550! He asked if I wanted to come by for hot chocolate. Then Oma called and we had a fun talk. I went to Justin's place and looked at pictures of tattoos. Then we decided to go late nigh sledding on crazy carpets (at 11pm). It was tons of fun (again)! AFterwards we went for a walk in the woods. I drove Justin home and came in and got to see his sister's tattoo. I ended up staying until 3am!

Thursday January 23rd
All I did all day was work on my music assignment and finish it. I finished my SL (symbolic logic) assignment too. I played Earthbound and talked online etc afterwards.

Friday January 24th
I went to my classes and handed in my SL and music assignments. I tried to study for a latin quiz before the class, but I fell asleep. After my classes I started packing and doing the dishes. Then I picked up Justin's sister from her friend's place and drove her home. There I picked up Justin and we drove to my parent's place. There I picked up a few things and then left again just as Daddy and Nina came in. They looked sad :(. Mommy and Oma had been worried because it took us forever to get there because I got gas and Justin got Quiznos on the way. Then, while trying to drive to the far I accidently drove off the highway onto Allen Road and then, after already being annoyed with myself for being late and also driving wrong and then being poked at by Justin I got somewhat angry (maybe I should remove the "somewhat" O_O) but I calmed down soon after heh. Finally we made it to the farm and had a feast and talked with my grandparents and played games with my grandmother until 2am. After that, me and Justin played with Moodi (their newest kitty) and went to the loft and talked and then went to look at tattoos online. After that i had a bath and we went to bed.

Saturday January 25th
We finally got up at 2pm, and after a breakfast of cereals and fruit, we headed out on a journey. We made it back to old known places from last march's journeys. We met some cows and horses and my feet were frozen! When we got back my feet hurt and my legs were very itchy. We bathed/showered and I put the last pictures into my photo album while talking to Oma. Oma was making dinner at the time. Then we had dinner and then afterwards spent ages looking at my photos. Then we talked a bit and played games until late again. After that me and justin went on the computer and went to bed. Again, in between during the day we had played with Moodi.

Sunday January 26th
I didn't sleep well because I was nervous I would miss my watch going off at 10:49. After getting up, Justin bid on an auction and then we had breakfast. After that we played with Moodi for a while and took pictures. Then we played games with Oma again until she had to make food. We were too lazy to pack, and packed after the feast. Then we drove to Justin's place (and on the way I had to pee so badly I peed in a very snowy ditch heheh) and brought some of the chocolate cake and cheese cake. I stayed a little while and then I went home.
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