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Marsfire's Livejournal Stretches in its Grave

Hey man, a certain person said to me that we should both resurrect our journals and start writing in them again. Ok cool, so that is what I am doing now.

Let's see what's happened to me... Well, the last few days have been interesting so i will start with those.

On saturday we went to the Northern Lights Festival of 2003 and it was an alright show. There were a lot of silly kids there though. One girl was going on about how she was drunk already before the show and she just kept running around into people and then falling down. For some stupid reason, people kept helping her up. There were a bunch of boys doing this with her too. This was a bit annoying, especially during Woods of Ypres, because I was trying to concentrate on the music so I got a bit angry...

Then on sunday I was a bit sore all day and Justin borrowed my car to drive to his friend's house and I wanted to work on music and clean up my place but I was too sore, I basically played HMGB1 (the first harvest moon game for gameboy) a lot heh. We went out for some drinks in the evening.

Then yesterday my neck felt much better and I got some music done (but it really sucks) and I also went grocery shopping and it wasn't too much fun. Later I brought Justin's family strawberries and showed Justin the music I made and we went for a mini walk, watched some funny cat video, played videogames, made the front of my hair blue and I went with Justin to pick up his sister and her bf. All of the stuff after showing Justin the music I did after saying "brb" to Joseph hahaha... I think that was a 3.5 hour brb.

Today my neck was healed and I was just getting up, eating food etc taking it slow hehehe, and then I recieved a call about a job interview O_O so tomorrow I will go to that. I am not sure if I will be able to work at all in the summer though, but it sounded like they were interested in me working in the autumn too... I hope this turns out...

Yah, other than that, lately I have started playing D2 (diablo 2) again, although not really again for a few days. I have plans to go home this weekend and then go to my grandparent's place for a week and come back here (maybe stopping off at home for the weekend again). Tomorrow I have the interview, plus I am hoping to go for a big walk somewhere with Justin, thursday Chris is coming, and friday I have an appointment for Mushroom (my car) to get new speakers installed (after the ones I brought last thursday were too big >_here</a>, but it kind of sucks still and not many episodes are up.
* I played lots of videogames/computer games, went out for lots of drinks and did a lot of dishes x_x hehe! I restarted Zelda majora's Mask and got way ahead of where I was. I have had the N64 borrowed for a while, and lots of games downloaded.
* I went to wonderland with Justin and Stuart and Stuart's friend and went on drop zone for the first time... I think I am not interested in this type of stuff at all anymore though, I just find it a bit boring, but it was fun going with Justin because he's a good buddy :)
* Justin helped clean my place and my car <:) I guess if I think of anything else I can add it! That's all I can think of for now! OH! If anyone knows where I can download Harvest Moon - Back to Nature PLEEEEEEEASE TELL ME! I don't need a playstation emulator but I do need the game itself heh... thanks! Let me know also if you know where I can get any other of the games other than snes, gb1 and n64. EDIT: Just wanted to say that I now have gb2 and gb3 too!
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