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job interview!

I just got back from that job interview! That was exciting man! I was a bit nervous but it was so simple! (hehehe so many exclamation marks) I think the lady liked me... So I might start working mid-late next week if I get the job. She seemed to think I was the right type of person, either that or she was very good at fooling me, I rarely actually think people liked anything I do, so when I do I usually trust it.

I recieved the phone call about the interview yesterday (as I said in my last post) and I was quite nervous for a while and then thought about it a bit and calmed down. Today I was trying to eat breakfast but my stomach hurt hehehe, I ate a small breakfast while pacing nervously and finally went. It was very hot out (over 30), and even though I hate it when it's hot out it felt soothing to my biting nervous stomach. My car was even hotter so that wasn't nice. I wore deodorant for the first time in ages for this reason heh. I went in and told a girl there I had an interview at 1:15, it was 1:11 on my watch. Probably just a minute later the lady came and called me in. She seemed friendly but I was thinking "oh man" as I followed her in. The first thing she asked me was whether it was even hotter outside then in there. I said yes it was and my car was even colder. Then I realized it wouldn't be as bad as I thought it might. Then she asked me some stuff and talked a lot about what I would have to do working there and I said some stuff too. In between she had to go talk to some air conditioning guys to fix the air conditioning. I told the girl I had first talked to that it was hotter outside and she said she was sweating like crazy in there heh. So, this lady is actually pretty young and she owns the place. I thought that was neat. I told her I would be away for part of August and that seemed to maybe be ok. Now I just have to tell her the exact details.


Other news: I sent Nina a game for snes: Earthbound! It's so addictive and I bet she'll like it. Ness is a cool guy man. When I played Super Smash Brothers for N64 all the time I didn't really know who Ness was... Heheh, now I know!
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