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i was away!

OK! So! I went to my parents' place on june 27th, after Justin washed my car! I had dinner there and we talked a lot. On Saturday we all played games together. The games we played were Monopoly and The Amazing Labyrinth (I just remember the German name is Das Verruckte Labyrinth and I am not sure if that's spelled right, but the correct translation would be The Crazy Labyrinth I think, but I know that's not what it is called... Sometimes I wonder if anyone else cares about this stuff I ramble about heh).

On Sunday, me and Nina drove to my grandparents' place. My grandmother had told us to leave at 2 so that we'd make it for 4 and then we'd make it to their friend's place for 4:30. This was a bit silly because it is an hour drive to their place, not two hour drive, and it wasn't likely that there would be a traffic jam. That isn't even the silliest part, the friend's house they wanted to drive to is less than 10 minutes away... So, we left just before 3 and got there 3 minutes or so after 4 and my grandmother was already nervous. Now, here comes the silly part. It turns out we had to get there at 4:30 to go for a walk before we eat at 5. Now, I think my grandparents should have realized by now that these people we were visiting weren't the type of people to stick to schedules anyway and would not even notice us being 10 minutes late and maybe not even a half hour late. But my grandmother said she had phoned them up and SHE said to them that if we weren't there at 4:30 they should go on a walk without us. Not only had she caused her own problem here, but she was panicking that we wouldn't make it on time for 4:30. So I assumed she wanted to go for a walk badly, in the car she kept asking me the time and saying "3 more minutes!" etc... It was so silly hehe... Then we got there and they were of course just sort of mulling around and not in a rush to go for a walk (sometimes I wonder which I prefer, the rigidness or the laidbackness, but at least I would acknowledge that people here ARE usually laid back and not panic about something that is in my own head) and after maybe 10 minutes my grandmother asked if the one guy still wanted to go for a walk. He said yah and then my grandparents seemed to be annoyed and didn't want to go for a walk... Now either they had panicked to get there on time so they could go for a walk and then were annoyed that they had to, or maybe they thought that since 10 minutes had passed it was getting far too close to the 5 o'clock dinner boundary... Anyway, we ended up going for a "walk" (it was at a snails pace) and I met their 2 dogs plus the neighbours 2 dogs and they were all nice. Then we didn't eat for ages and I think my grandparents thought it was terrible how behind everything was, it was probably around 7 when we actually ate hehehe... My grandfather was saying "he cut up all this stuff blah blah blah which all could have been done beforehand!". It's amusing, my grandparents always think individuals are weird with this stuff, they don't seem to get that the people here just are very relaxed about stuff. Maybe they should have eaten some lunch?!?! Maybe then they wouldn't have been so hungry!

On a side note, Justin thinks the people in Ontario aren't very relaxed and the people on the East Coast are more relaxed... I sometimes wonder if I could personally stand that or if I would end up yelling at people to just pull themselves together and get stuff done... My German-gene-made stomach churns with displeasure... On the other hand there are a lot of these conventions that I find silly, but I doubt people in Germany are as wacky about stuff like that today. I will jump to the last day at my ghrandparents' to talk about this. They wanted to go to a Harvey's/Swiss Chalet, and my grandmother was eating some pita wrap thing I think... At any rate some of the inside stuff fell out while she was eating it and she wouldn't pick it up with her hand. So she went to find a fork, but they only had them behind the counter so I told her to ask them if she wanted a fork. She didn't want to do that and so she ended up taking fries and using them as chop sticks... I was laughing because it looked so funny... It was so silly to use french fries, but somehow just picking it up was impossible, it's like she's so stuck in this mindset she finds it impossible... My grandparents and parents often have said stuff to me like "it just looks bad" when talking about clothes, hair, way of eating etc and I said a kind of "says who?" answer. It's like it's a fact that certain things look good and others look bad instead of an opinion... I sometimes wonder also how much of this is linked to upbringing and to genes, because obviously if everyone with certain genes started to act in a certain way or set certain rules it couldn't have always been upbringing, but some of it may have turned into it... I don't know. I notice in myself I have a strong set of rules of the game of life (hehe) too, they are just different from theirs. So I wonder if having this kind of a strong idea of rules of life is part of the genes, and what they are for people is more brought through upbringing, because genes can't make you like a certain kind of clothes can they? I guess maybe if your frame of mind is very sexual or not they could have an impact? I don't know, I don't think anyone can answer this question yet anyway, not enough is known about this stuff I would think. Anyway, one person that I talk to in Germany seems a lot like me in the way he thinks and how he acted as a kid etc and I wonder whether there is some German connection or whether it's coincidence. I can't really know because I know so few German people. Sometimes I think I should go over there and see what people are really like.

Anyway, for the rest of the week we played lots of Ligretto and Rummy with my grandmother. They are 2 card games, though I think the name Rummy is pretty recognizable to most people as a card game probably. I also played lots of Paper People with my sister! It was so much fun, I missed it so much. I keep thinking "I want to play paaaaaper" but I can't. I am glad Nina wants to play again, I was thinking that I wouldn't ever really get to play again. Most people think it's silly to play with stuff like that, but I don't see why it is... I guess they are just insecure about looking like a little kid. Playing with stuff like that is like re-enacting the real world and making characters and trying to keep to their character even if you hate what they are doing. It's like everything happens for you and you have just created a world and stuff... It's so much fun, and I can't understand why people can play something like the sims and then say this is dumb, because this is like the sims+23986592654329 new features hehe ;Þ. If I look back to the days where I played with the little plastic guys, it is probably the happiest moments I ever had. When I got older and now it's somehow harder to be so content hehe. I remember having such hard times at school and only being real buddies with my sister and playing this stuff, I don't know... I sometimes think it helped start my philosophical thinking. Something one of my characters from way back then believed was "First and last to do something are always best, second and second last are always worst." it was just a silly thing for him to bug other people when there were lineups, but I think there was some truth to it, and I don't think I really noticed that wayyyyyyy back then.

Oh the last things about the week that are interesting is that on that first evening during dinner it started to hail! And big chunks of ice flew down and it was so neat because it was summer and ice fell from the sky!! Hehehe! There was thunder and lightning and the power ended up going out. After 2 hours of the power out, my sister went up stairs and set up tons of candles and I felt bad telling her that the power was back heheh... It was lit so cozily up there! Also, my grandfather is making an "old style greenhouse" which is a greenhouse with windows only on the sides but not the roof? He is making it out of a piece of the tractor shelter. We had a barbeque on Canada Day :D! The other funny thing was this mosquito watch thing. My grandparents bought us each a $30 device that is supposed to repel mosquitoes by emitting a sound that is supposed to be the same as that of a dragonfly. The dragonfly is supposed to make them flyu away because supposedly dragonflies eat mosquitoes (i don't know if they do). At any rate, the thing didn't work and my grandmother made these excuses... One was sitting on the device itself and she said "maybe it thinks it is riding on a dragonflies back" I hope she wasn't serious about that... First she says chimps can't think and then she acts as if mosquitoes can?? Another one was "maybe the mosquito was deaf" as far as I know they feel the vibration of the sound waves and so they would have to be very damaged for this to be possible... Then she said maybe some mosquitoes were just "stupid"!! X_X

The only other big thing that happened that I can think of is that I had to make 39205729085 phone calls for reservations for my trip with Justin to the East Coast.

Anyway, since I have been back I have done a few things too. On saturday I spent 12 hours straight with Justin heh, we drove around and got groceries for me and sat and had a drink and looked at books and sites and videos ETC!!!!! It was fun, I hadn't seen him since the 27th of june when he washed my car.

Yesterday I spent the whole day just at my computer! I missed it! I played diablo 2 and worked on some music and talked with people. I talked to one guy from Brazil for about 10 hours straight for some reason hehehe! Weird that someone else was on that long! He said I was unique which is pretty cool. And the word "unique" brings me back to diablo 2, rahhh I need to play it again in a minute. At about 11:30 though, Justin called and asked if I wanted him to come over. He came and we went out and looked at a dead coyote that had maggots crawling all over it. It looked neat. We went back here and Justin watched TV and I watched too heh. I really hate Family Guy though, so I got annoyed about watching that. I hope Justin gets sick of that show fast heh. I like watching South Park, and watching King of the Hill is ok if I don't feel restless because it doesn't get on my nerves. But Family Guy annoys me by how much it sucks hehehe... Ok, I guess I should explain my opinion more to justify it but I feel too irritated to do that. If he watches that when I am around again I think I will do something else. Other than that we went out for a drink and I got some more orange juice and stuff for myself.

Alright, that's it! Now I'll post more often again... At least until we go on our trip.
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