MaRsFiRE (marsfire) wrote,

dan dan daaaaaan ching ching (yah I should play the old King's Quest games soon)

I am learning the left hand of the guitar part for one of Justin's new songs so that I can show him what is going on while he plays drums to it. Playing drums is probably fun, but I have only tried once and didn't know what I was doing.

I might go out for a walk soon to get some exercise, but I guess I need to eat a bit of food first.

Yesterday I returned the library books we had been using to plan our east coast trip. I also got my photos back and they look cool! I also got a bit annoyed with Justin. He got upset over some things that I feel like I can do little about. I have decided that if I don't want to be involved in this stuff I shouldn't get involved. Great advice from Joseph!!! I guess it should have been obvious but it still somehow isn't... By not doing anything I might look like I am showing bias or that I don't care... The basic situation is that my mom ignores Justin and won't get to know him and he is bothered by that. When I told my mom she chose to say nothing the next time and giggle which really helped. Somehow this makes me look like I don't care about the situation, but in the end I can't control what my mom does, and I think that our relationship shouldn't depend on the relationship he has with my mom. If he thinks I won't stick up for him or that I am embarrassed about him or somehow against him I guess it is really his problem for not believing in my feelings. It's just hard for me to say that because I want him to believe them, heh. My parents could hate him and bug me every day like they did with Richard and it wouldn't change my feelings. The only person who can change them is me, and so this shouldn't be a problem for our relationship. I am a bit frusterated that my mom goes on about her social skills being her strength and then obviously showing very poor ones here. Justin asks her questions about her and she gives quick answers and runs away or changes the subject and talks to someone else... Is she scared to get to know him or what? I wonder what is going on, maybe he's right that she doens't like him, but then she would be lying to me and she said she would never do that and I believe her. If that is the case she must be lying to herself I think. It seems like she doesn't even notice her odd behaviour towards him. Well, who knows how things will be at this BBQ with my family and his... I think it will go by fine... I just hope that Justin enjoys himself and understands that I would do the sun and the moon for him. Hehe, that sounds dumb but it's a quote from the Bang Bang Bang video, heh! That video is cool.

Speaking of bang bang bang, last night I heard some people in the other basement part having sex while I was trying to read Harry Potter. The girls moaning voice was kind of faint at first so I was nervous that some girl was getting hurt hehe (I would have had to maybe try to save her!)... Then I listened carefully and thought "ohhh, sex" hehehe... That was kind of weird, I have never had that happen before. But then I stopped hearing her again except when she moaned really loudly because the Harry Potter book turned my ears off.

Sometimes it's pretty obvious that I don't have real problems. The one in the paragraph before the previous is the biggest thing and it's really not that big of a deal actually. I just hope it won't bother Justin too much, somehow it makes me feel guilty even though just because my mom is my relative, doesn't mean I can control her.

We also got a pizza yesterday... It was just a regular pizza but it was only 4 dollars so we each got half a pizza for 2.30 basically (because of tax), but I think the one I had with feta cheese and onions to strengthen the pizzas regular taste was much better. I finally understood that it's not that I don't like pizza, it just doesn't taste too great if there is no good stuff on it. the regular pizza is just pepperoni with cheese and tomato sauce. The tomato sauce is way too strong, the bread isn't exactly the bestest ever, the cheese is very processed and the pepperoni doesn't really hide all that... Wait a sec, Justin ate pepperoni?!! Hmmm hehe! Pesky little boy... ;) Oh well, I am peskiest because at least he is a vegetarian MOST of the time hehe. Although, I don't eat that much meat either.

Today I have:
eaten a banana
put away some of my clothes
put my new photos in the album

Today I plan to:
call mommy and arrange that maybe family visits and we can go on an excursion and she can bring stuff i need from home
eat food/drink drink (hehe)
go for a walk
finish cleaning up
make sure i have that guitar thing down pat
finish that new thing i started recording and maybe more
play videogames

that is my schedule! i hope i haven't forgotten anything!

Final thing! I am probably going to send some of my CD-Rs out to Warhorn Records out in Quebec! Justin has been sending copies places and I saw today that they are being sold at Regimental Records already :D!
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