MaRsFiRE (marsfire) wrote,

i am not staying caught up

must write in journal...

Let's see... Well, today Stuart came back from his camping trip so I went with Justin and his mom to pick him up and we waited for about an hour cause the bus was late, but it was fun. Other than that I have been working on music, playing videogames and arranging trades for my CD-R release...

The other bits of excitement I can think of now are:
1) My family visiting last saturday
2) The full moon last night

Onto #1!

When my family visited on saturday I took them to Rockwood, and we went to the Rockwood Conservation Area or Park or whatever it's called. They really liked it there it seems. Well my parents went on about how it's the nicest place like that they had ever seen... I wonder why they don't drive out places and look at nature more often instead of staying in these crowded unnaturey city parks: "oh look there is a forest here" "uhhh, there is like 5 meters of trees and then someones backyard...". My sister seemed to like it too, I know she doesn't say stuff like "this place is fabolous!!!!! it's the greatest place like this i have ever been to!!!!!" and I don't blame her heh... But she seemed to like it there too I think. Afterwards we went to a restaurant called Shakespeares Arms where I go with Justin sometimes. They all seemed to like the food there too so they had a good time out with me. They went home after that.


Yah, so last night I tell Justin "let's go meet up outside and see the full moon!" Well, he picked me up instead and then we walked into the field and looked at it and then he wanted to go home already ¬¬ so I ended up going for a walk on my own and going back to his place for hot chocolate. On the way through the woods I think I heard coyotes howling. I also saw 2 piles of fur I think probably from deer. The full moon shining over the field was very nice, it was worth stumbling through the dark part and getting frusterated when I kept walking off the path by accident hehehe... For some reason, some human came into the woods at night, but he had a big bright light on his bike so he wasn't cool... That's so... Well I guess if he was just trying to get somewhere it's ok, but taking a flashlight to go enjoy the woods is so stupid... You miss out on what nature is truely like like that... If you're going to be that much of a pussy you should go in the daytime I say...

I ended up boring a movie from Justin that he rented. It was called "Zero Kelvin" it takes place within the arctic circle I think, and it was pretty good. The characters were extremely well made I think, they were very realistic and in depth, I was surprised, there were emotions in there displayed by the characters that I don't think most people would understand or know where they were coming from. One of the characters slowly revealed fragments of his past which made it very clear what the reason for how he was came about, but it wasn't so much that it was obvious and too much information than would have been naturally given, which happens often in movies I find. The imagery in the movie was also very good. I think these two points are the main good parts, but to me with movies characterization is very very important. I get very annoyed with TV shows and movies because the characters are not real at all, these people in this movie were so real... Whoever wrote the movie really has a very very strong understanding of different personalities and human nature etc, this went much deeper than I have ever seen characterization going, at least since I have been paying attention critically, which may not actually be that long, so I don't know what this means. But any type of positive comment from me about something like this is a big deal. There was also a great deal of foreshadowing so the basic ending to me was very clear soon, but somehow this didn't matter. Anyway, I don't know if anyone reading this well ever see that movie so I won't go into details, but I am glad to see that it is possible to make movies that are actually good, I have seen a few now that are either ok or good, this is new to me... Thanks Justin (even though I doubt you'll read this) for having me sit through some movies and realizing there are some movies out there that are good.
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