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trade trade trade!

So I am doing a lot of trades now! Now I only have 26 copies left of my CD-R including the ones that will go out for the 2 trades I have in process... So I don't have many left :) neat huh? Just a little bit ago I had almost all 60 of my copies!

Let's see! The day before yesterday me and Justin went to Brantford and to the Native Museum there. It was interesting looking at the museum stuff, I was just very tired. After going through we were in the gift shop and then a native lady there said "do you want to see the dancing?" and we said "sure" and she said "ok come on it's about to start!" and hurried us into the auditorium hehehehe. We watched the dancing, lots of them seemed to be similar, but it was neat when they made the music themselves with a drum and their voices... The thing I found the coolest was the hoop dance... One of the guys did a dance where he used those hula hoops and moved them around him and made all sorts of shapes and impressions of stuff... like he made wings and a globe etc, it was very complex and he did it so easily, it was neat. For one dance everyone had to come up and participate :\... I was a bit grumpy that day from lack of sleep so I think I got a bit annoyed during some parts, but reflecting on it it was cool.

After Brantford we drove down to Lake Eerie and we found a huge dead fish and took some pictures of it, one with me holding it! We walked around and ate there and stuff...

Yesterday I ahd to get Mushroom's muffler fixed... While we were waiting for it to be done we ran over the the Humane Society and saw cute doggies and kitties and some other animals like rabbits, a guinea pig and I think the other 2 were two rats... They were all friendly and very cute! One of the doggies was missing an eye, that was weird to see somehow, and he was a very nice doggie too. I wish I could take them all home hehehe! Typical thing to say after going to a place like that!

Today I made a general appointment for him for monday, so he can get checked up before we go on our trip to the east coast... So I am glad I can already get that over with monday... Other than that I have been playing videogames and trying to work on music and failing and making food etc... Last night I played d2 until almost 5am hehehe...

I have been talking to much to BM people, so people, give me some variety and tell me you hate BM and talk to me anyway. Too many NS ruckuses... I won't get into it here with this NS crap, I don't want to spread stuff about people or retell stories here because it's bound to be biased and it would be just like them, talking about pride and honour and talking behind peoples backs... Well, if my mom read this she would say I should talk to better people. Well, the world doesn't have better people, I should be satisfied with what I have and not be so judgemental I thought... The NSers are just big antifollowers, just like plenty of other petes in the world...

I have this temnojar song stuck in my head, it's so cool... like temnozor except with a jar and they are both paganfront... interesting... i will have to figure out more of this later... I thought maybe they were the same guy doing it, one project BM the other not, but I was told no.

Oh, I never posted that:

****************I FOUND THE HARVEST MON BACK TO NATURE ISO**************************

haven't got it working properly yet though, so I don't know... It works but freezes part way through the intro after you put in your name and all the info...

This morning Justin woke me up bringing my car back. We went to the mall and I was reading a neat book on genetics saying that the whole nature vs nurture arguement is crap and that the genes react based on what's going on in the environment... Makes sense to me, too seperate them as 2 individual things is silly... most people are under the impression today though that genes have nothing to do with how a person is... They are completely wrong, it's obvious just from observing around you! The world is turning so! There were some funny parts in the book so far though... Like the guy was saying there were a predicted 100,000 different genes for humans and it turned out to be only around 30,000 I think and then people decided that meant there weren't enough genes to stop us from having complete free will... Geez, if you think about it complete free will would make no sense, what would we base things on initially if we didn't believe anything? We'd all base it on the same nothingness, so people in similar situations should be basically the same... Like brothers and sisters... Another funny part was when he was discussing these crazy monkey ways of mating and about how they have sex all the time... Hehehehe... I think that particular piece of info, although it was a relevant example, was chosen because of the subject ;) hehe... Gotta make people like your book, man!
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