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So I was sleeping and dreaming about stuff I don't want to speak of on here, just because of how silly it was involving people I don't know and then also sexual stuff etc... But anyway, I awoke suddenly to a knock on the door and it was confusing... I said "Hello??" and I got an answer "Marisa? Marisa!". So I got up and let Justin in and colapsed back on the bed, he turned on the lights so I was completely blinded. Then I saw vaguely, through my eyes opened a crack, that he was holding out his hand. So I grabbed upwards and it turns out he had a package for me from Germany. Great, my 4 Vargulf CDs are in. Then he left and I was kind of out of it so I got dressed really fast and tried to chase him. It didn't work because by the time I was dressed and out the door he was already pulling out of the driveway... I tried to run after him but, well, it didn't work. I feel dead tired. Tonight I must go to bed early, for on thursday I have to get up at maybe 10:30, and I can't sleep in until something wacko like 3 tomorrow or I'll ruin the whole thursday for myself because I won't get to sleep in time.

I have been playing Diablo 2 recently. I now have a very shitty trap assassin, a cool but not that great overlord necro and a still level 21 (I think) bowazon. I am a bit annoyed, my necro has cool stuff on like some of the Trang-Oul set... I read somewhere that the regular skeletons were good, but somehow they die all the time anyway, they don't seem to be that tough to me. Well, the bad thing about an overlord necro is really that you need to have your 3829572 guys before you can hurt stuff, and also the mages disappear if you walk away too fast, so you have to walk around slowly with a huge army of minions otherwise you're screwing yourself. But it's neat to have all these d00ds around :)

Anyway, yesterday was Mushroom's last appointment before the big trip. Something went wrong with that though that is kind of funny. First of all, I had to get up at 11 and so I was tired, and then just before leaving Justin's mom calls me from work and tells me that they have no appointment for me written down at all and they have someone else down for that time... She asked me if maybe I called the wrong place, and I said, no I was sure I called the right place because the name they said was the guy's first name she always mentions. Then it turns out that the guy's place she meant for me to have my appointment at is named after his last name and there is another place with another guy with the same first name who calls his place after his first name...

I didn't really know what to do, so I just went to the post office, mailed some packages and then went over to Justin's house anyway (because he was going to drive in front of me to show me how to get there and take me home after because I of course would have to leave Mushroom there for a while) and by that time he knew about this ruckus as well. It was a bit amusing how they argued about it, Justin said she always called it by his first name so how was he supposed to know it was called something else and she said how was she supposed to know beforehand that there was another place with that name and she gave him the righjt phone number ages ago. At any rate we ended up going to the road it was on and then Justin stopped and so I got out of my car and he said "Do you know what the address is?" ¬¬ problem #2 hahaha... So then we drove back and forth trying to find it (it's not too big a road) and eventually I said I would ask someone. So I ended up getting someone to look it up in a phonebook for me, and he told me it was number 111. We went to 111, and guess what? It was not the right place. The people seemed quite surprised there since they were a water treatment place (hehe) and did not know of the place I was talking about. It turned out the guy must have said "11" not "111" because just as we were giving up I saw it haha. We actually made it just in time somehow, I guess cause we left very early. So then tons of stuff was fixed on Mushroom and at 5 I was able to pick him up :)!

In between waiting for Mushroom, Justin came over for a little bit and then left after we had done some stuff on the computer, and after the appointment we went to the mall and went to chapters and I continued reading some book talking about genetics, it's kind of neat. After that we went back to his place and ate and watched some new downloaded South Park episodes and then I helped him practice drums by playing what he told me to on guitar. I just suck so my hand kept getting sore from doing it hehe.

Other than that it was D2 time, man!

Ok, time for D2 and food.
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