MaRsFiRE (marsfire) wrote,

Lazyness is coming to an end...

Well well well, seems like everything ahead of today is planned:

* Tomorrow: trip with Justin (I will post more details after)
* Tuesday: Go Home
* Thursday: Nina's birthday
* Friday: Go to farm
* Tuesday: Leave farm
* August 5 (which is that tuesday) - 11th pack and prepare for mega trip!
* August 8-10 = scottish festival/some other kind of similar festival
* Sometime during the 5tha and 11th: Might go to African Lion Safari park
* Night of August 11th: leave for NB!
* August 11- September 9th (or possibly 8th) MEGA TRIP
* from then on ---> SCHOOL until april

woah hehe

I realized I forgot to mention on friday that I brought in my tuition as soon as I woke up because it's already due tomorrow and it was too late for my mom to send it out in the mail. While I was there I ran to the big food area (although it's not so big now since it's under construction) and I thought "how could I have gotten sick of this food?" and I wanted to eat there... Well it won't be much more of eating my own crap anyway, just today and tomorrow and then the 5th-11th and other than that I will be away and then when I come back I can eat it again.

Yesterday was kind of a neat day, I hadn't talked to Justin the whole day Friday, so I phoned him when I woke up on Saturday and said "how are you doing want to do anything" etcccc! So I went over to his place and it was raining and his mom was saying it was a bad day to go out and gave us all this rain gear, umbrellas, plastic bands for stuff not to get wet, maps etc (all while Justin was saying "no mum, it's ok" etc hehe). But by the time Justin had gone to grt a coffee from Tim Hortons and we went on our way the rain had basically stopped haha. It was already 2:30 and too late to drive too far away so we ended up just going to Elora and running around at the Gorge there and going to the Fergus Market. Afterwards we bought 2 medium pizzas (I actually like the pizza with feta cheese on it... it hides the crappy basic-cheese-used taste and the tomato sauce!) and ate about half each of our own (I ate exactly half, Justin ate one slice more than half to be precise) because we had barely eaten anything all day after all that. Then we just went to the mall to go to chapters and read stuff for a while.

When Justin went home after that he told his mom that we had driven to Algonquin Park and she didn't believe him at first but then she did and was a tiny bit annoyed when she found out he had been joking because it went on for a few minutes. After that I went home and on the computer for a very short while and then went to bed because I was tired. Somehow I still managed to read a chunk...
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