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Good day to you partner, I'm Gheed!

Hello, no I have not given up on LJ yet again. I have been away for a little bit and then been doing stuff.

You see, on Monday I leave for my MEGA TRIP to the east coast. I think we have most stuff prepared... I hope we have most stuff prepared...

I have left out a lot of stuff I have done lately because I have not been writing! I will fill you in! (I wonder how this will go after the trip)

Ok so this trip I was talking about in the last entry was when we went to Tobemory!!!! We stopped on the way a few times briefly, just to pee and stuff, except when we stopped in Wiarton! I got to see Wiarton Willie the groundhog :D! He was so cute. Justin took a pick of me next to the stone statue of him, but I got to see the actual groundhog toooooooooo! We also went into some stores there and walked around.

Then we went to the edge of Georgian Bay and people were swimming in it and it was very cool, that wasn't right in Tobemory it was right by it I guess...

In Tobemory itself we ran around and took pics, I found an old wrecked ship and took a pic of it! We went to the spiffy sweet shop there (that is advertised several times on the way there) and I found out Justin had never had Jelly Bellys before, so I bought us some. We also went into the art gallery there and some stores.

After that we went to find some other place Justin had been before, but we didn't find it and ended up going to a different place. This other place was very nice though, it had a very rocky beach and then forested/rocky area behind that. We took tons of pictures! We found a cave and there are some pics of me in it, heh. We climbed around and saw some of those flower pot things :)!

At the end of all that we went to Lake Huron and watched the sun set there. We took some nice pictures over there too and we found a ton of neat things on the ground that we examined. I think during the whole trip Justin found 2 snake skins.

After this we had a long drive home :) and it was very cozy in the car together. When we finally got back it was nearly 1am hehehe, and we had left at 9:23 in the morning, according to my watch. I came into Justin's house for a minute to check if a package arrived, but it hadn't. I was worried, because the package contained a birthday present I had for Nina!

The next day I woke up and packed and went over to Justin's house just as his mom was leaving. The package had arrived so I was very happy! I also gave Justin's mom the keys to my place so Justin could go over while I was gone.

Then I drove home, listening to a CDRW of mp3s I had burned before leaving, but when I got there my dad and sister were about to leave! So then me and my mom went and bought Nina some prezzies and went back. We swam and played games while I was at home and it was fun.

On thursday though, it was Nina's birthday! My mom got her a special wooden book she can hide stuff in, and I got her a little wooden box with a handle for carrying that had a clock on it. Inside I stuck a letter and put in a butterfly my grandmother had sent me that you can wind up and then will flutter out of the letter! My sister was surprised and then found that the letter was a clue to a treasure hunt! I think the treasure hunt might have been a bit annoying for her, but I had fun hehehe *is mean* watching her find the clues and then finding the prezzie of the CD I got in the package.

Then Nina went to rent movies and her friends started coming and I had a pretty boring day. The fun part after that was playing pick-it with my parents and eating lunch hehe. Then I started getting REALLY bored and went swimming later.

Also while there I had Richard message me for some reason. It really seemed like he just wanted to say "hey, your music sucks, I listened and one day I am going to do way better than you" haha... He will never make any music, I seriously doubt he will. At any rate, this didn't bother me at all, and we had a fairly negative conversation. I have him blocked on the icq here, and on msn too but the blocks on icq are stored on your harddrive so he wasn't blocked on the icq at my parents' place. I didn't bother doing it because I just hadn't thought of it at all, after a year of not talking I rarely think about him, and would not have expected him to message me.

The next day we were off to my grandparents' place and, after having to vacuum upstairs, I went ahead of the others in Mushroom! I got stuck in a big traffic jam and didn't get there until 4pm. I played some games with Oma, but the beasts didn't end up getting there until half past 7 I think. My grandparents were already starving at this point. We ate dinner!

Nina and I played paper people a bunch the next few days, we started some new stuff as they were trying to reform their town. A lot of babies turned into toddlers and it meant a lot of drawing and cutting out! O_O I hate cutting out...

On the 2nd of August though, the saturday, we had a bunch of visitors come for the annual BBQ. The kids my sister babysits came and we spent most of the day with them. It was fun but somewhat exhausting. The little guy always changed his mind about what he wanted to do, and we started playing a Harry Potter board game together and he got bored of it after a few turns hehehe, so we had to finish without him. I gave them a tour of the house and we watched some of the first pirate movie (again, the younger guy requested it and got bored) and we went for walks and to the island. We also tried to catch some frogs, and both the dad of the boys and the younger boy ended up getting stung by wasps because there was a nest right by where the frogs were. We also played with playmobile, the older boy made a huge army of monkeys and stuff :), I had the ghosts and the possessed baby! It was fun, the house kept getting destroyed and rebuilt hehe, playing with boys is cool. We also drew some stuff, and the younger boy got upset when he had to leave and then decided he was upset because he didn't like his drawing (meanwhile a few minutes earlier he was talking about how well he could draw and pointed it out on his drawing). The parents seemed slightly worried when I let the older boy go on the boat by himself, but for petes sake... The pond is so shallow and he's 12 years old... They also constantly told them what not to do with the fire and stuff, I mean sure they don't want their kids to get burned but, they even told them to stop blowing at the fire when it had already succeeded at making the fire bigger... I don't really understand the point of that. Their dad asked me a bunch about school and so I answered with stuff.

Then for the later evening and then next day we played games with my parents' friends and it was fun. We also played paper people and everything else. My grandparents also left on that sunday to go live in my parents' house for a week. On monday my parents' friends left as well, and we played games alone. On tuesday I left as well and came back to Guelph!

When I got back here I went straight to Justin's house and got my keys back and we went together to have a look at my place. Justin completeled cleaned and rearranged it! It looks great! It was a great surprise :)!!! I have cleaned up more in the meanwhile and it looks very cool.

On wednesday at 5pm I went to meet a friend of Justin's mom's and her family and we all went out to dinner together. I felt a bit weird getting a free dinner this way, but I enjoyed myself and was nice to the people. The people liked me I guess, and we had talked about the underground, so later they left a cloth underground map for me which was very neat! I was very excited looking at it and at the places we had gone to last summer. The family had 2 boys, 15 and 12, and the mom is a teacher and the dad a principle! Yesterday I saw them again and again was given some food from Justin's mom this time, and thanked them for the present. Then in the evening they left for their plane back to England.

I also helped Justin set up for recording drums yesterday, and I also listened while he recorded them, but he's not satisfied with what he has done, so I suppose he is recording it again now.

My family will be annoyed, because I have made a list for things I will be taking monday and we're going to make sure we have everything tonight and get the food and stuff we're taking soon, but I suppose it wasn't that necessary to go home tuesday. On the other hand I have been up to quite a lot, cleaning my room, getting pictures developed, going out etc... So I am not sitting around doing nothing. I have a huge list of stuff I want to do today:

save e-mails + empty account
make cdrs for trip
burn stuff off comp
finish trip list
update LJ
figure out uni text stuff (because i should have the texts for the first class in each subject I will be attending in september)
finish cleaning up place
put pictures into album
fix up new music piece
begin packing
clean backback
listen to new cds
buy new photo albums
practice guitar

Let's see, I have practiced guitar, my backpack is cleaned and hanging to dry, but I am not sure if it's good enough yet, I am almost done updating the LJ (hehe) I have already started the cdrs for trip stuff and organizing things to be burned off comp, and the e-mails thing is also already started... the trip list is here and could be complete unless i remember something i forgot, there is not much to clean up here or pack, and I have started putting the new photos into photo albums but I ran out of space, so I have to get more first.

OK, there are other things I could have said probably... Like, oh! The word "random"! I thought my sister and her friends just used that incorrectly for some stupid reason, but then I heard the older kid at the BBQ saying it too, and yesterday I read that it's part of teenage slang. Geez, I hate that. Random is way too cool a word to be used improperly... Sister! You're using evil teenage slang! It's so well known now that it was on a slang analysis page. If I find the page I will post it up later.

Oh and yesterday I came back and found out that Joseph's mommy didn't have cancer :D so I am happy! Joseph was so sad lately, I guess he was still kind of dead last night because he went offline without saying anything... Oh well! Tonight will be better most likely.

Anyway, I am going to grab a peanut butter sandwich and head out for a walk. I'll write another post later if necessary. Last thing is what I am doing now:

Tomorrow - Scottish Festival (note: they have a black guy advertising the festival on the cover of the pamphlet this year for some odd reason... and another thing is, there is some german festival too but we're going to miss it cause of trip :\!)
Sunday/Monday - trip preparation!
Monday night - leave on trip! *very excited*
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