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My computer is becoming quite screwy... 1 year without restoring = bad! But I have so much important stuff, and I can't just move it over the network like I used to... It will take a while to do this and tomorrow I am leaving on my trip.

Anyway, I went for a walk at the place I had been with Justin the day before. It was quite a neat place! I didn't know there were that mnay paths there. I had a fun time. And yesterday I went to that Scottish Festival which was cool too. We bought Haggis, but I didn't like it that much (it has some livery taste in it I concluded that that was why I didn't like it heh) but Justin liked it a lot. I wonder if he has meat withdrawl? I don't know if I could be a vegetarian hehh... We also saw the highland dancing this year, and also this thing where they throw this sack over a pole with their back to it and they throw it by holding it with a pitchfork or something like it. We didn't find the neat guy from last year that told stories though :( and we didn't see as many cool weapons as last year. Well, I mean we saw as many probably, but they were mostly just the usual stuff you can find on ebay too, you know? We saw these neat things that sprayed smoke out over water... Hard to explain, they were mini figures with dragons on them often and stuff like that... It looked really cool at any rate. Yah and we saw lots of other stuff too. We went with Stuart and one of his friends, who also came with us to Wonderland back in June. At first we got to listen to my Azaghal/Mustan Kuun Lapset CD in the car, but then we had to listen to Placebo x_x, sometimes I don't get annoyed listening to placebo, but this particular CD was especially gay! YES GAY! I am not homophobic, I am not afraid of gay people, I just personally am not gay and therefore do not enjoy gay music! Heheh... This whole homophobic crap is as stupid as the racist stuff. Look, when people are different, to state that you prefer one quality over the other is not negative it's just being honest instead of irrational. I like nice straight sounding male vocals! Big deal man! Arrgahhh! These songs were like easy listening songs. I described it as "I am so bored, in the summertime" and said/sang that in the guy's voice. Haha, I can just hear that being a placebo song now...

I can't believe the amount of people who are brainwashed by this junk... Ok, now I'm talking like one of these conspiracy people... But people have to learn to think about things more rationally and give real reasons for things not just "it's not faaaaaair, I like this person why can't you like them tooooooo!! I bet it's because he/she's _____" .........

When I am judging an individual person I don't care what they do in their spare time or how they were born, all I care about is their personality/way of thinking etc... These two things can be stereotypically connected though and that is why I might prefer some people over others! Jesus! It's one thing to go out killing people of a certain group and another to just not like a group on average as much. I must have said this a million times... I guess I just feel angry inside because I feel like intelligent people are being pulled into the irrational land of It's never good to say a viewpoint is bad, I see everyday how because NSism is not allowed in so many countries that so many idiots spring up and rebel against that. I think they have little clue why they want to do it other than that they aren't allowed to. Many of these idiots are stupid, but a fair portion of them are intelligent people who just don't know what they are doing. I mean, if you want to feel like you have control to punish people who believe certain things then maybe they are doing the right thing, but if they actually want to put an end to this crap then this is not the right approach. And if I go to and say I am white and prefer white people over black people on average then I am a racist... Ok, this already makes the whole issue very black and white, so if I am already on the bad side, I am more likely to get pulled over to the true racist side, do you see what I mean?

I have no idea where this came from just now. If I want to say "this is gay" and it hurts some gay person's feelings then they are insecure. If someone said to me "this is so girlish" or "this is so german" then it's my fault if I get insecure about it. Big deal! Words can only help make people stronger, it's like a virus and then you become immune to it. People are so whiny, they don't get that being "free" and everyone having to like other people is a contradiction.

On a sidetopic speaking of this kind of stuff, little kids wonder if they are gay already... For pete's sake, the idea that someone could be "gay" is a very new concept. When I was growing up I didn't know what gay was and I didn't worry about this type of stuff. It shouldn't be something a person "is" anyway, it's just something they enjoy. They make their whole life revolve around some pleasure aspect. So I am straight, I shouldn't make my whole life revolve around what I do sexually. This whole "lifestyle" thing is just as dumb with gay people as with anything else. If someone says they are living the black metal lifestyle for example I think that is just as dumb. Basically that makes 1 aspect of oneself be the dominating important aspect and everything else goes down the drain. It basically leaves you with only one quality. So if a gay person does nothing except go on about being gay and living the gay lifestyle how can I not find them stupid? I would find it just as stupid with anything I like, like the example I gave with black metal. If someone is gay it shouldn't make a diff to me if they have other good qualities, but if that is their only quality I don't see what there is that I can like about them. Some people just get so into stuff that the only thing you know about them is just that and the only aspect of themselves that they know is that too. People should stop worrying about such dumb things like "am I gay???? I want to be accepted TOOOO!" and just get on with more important things. If people stopped worrying and stopped focusing on the negative and just acted like they normally would if they didn't know that there could be a problem at least some people would accept them. Instead people bond over insecurities... There are always wackos who want to kill whatever type of people, but in general, people are not like that here. Jesus, for years people have been telling me I am intolerant and terrible and now I have to tell people to realize that a few people with negative intentions doesn't make up the whole.

Uhhh anyway so today and tomorrow are the last days to get ready before the trip. I had better get cracking.
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